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fbi hijacks lives at will

Visualize: if the fbi as I have demonstrated can so easily destroy and hijack the life of an attorney, teacher, soldier, former judge & magistrate, former fbi special agent, and human rights activist, then how much easier be it for the mighty assassins and calumniators of the fbi to roll over and decimate an individual with fewer credentials; this is the point of much of my work.…


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Covert assaults for hideous agendas

In the fbi's crime spree ( in efforts to silence me) they often send police, DPS, et al to assault & provoke me and to document my responses. Occasionally, the torturers and assassins of the fbi join with DPS/HHS and send professional mental health officials to evaluate my mental state.…


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Our Duty, Yours & Mine



Most of us go through life focused on our own plight and search for meaning; a few discover a new dimension worthy of our best efforts.

To all in the group who could speak (but don't) on behalf of the imprisoned, maligned, harassed, threatened, tortured, railroaded into honelessness/starvation, forced into despair and suicide, targeted for… Continue

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I and my pledge are alive


Thirteen years ago I promised to fight the subhuman assassins and torturers of the fbi. This post reaffirms that pledge.


On 2/21/2002:I wrote a pledge as summarized below.


... that I will not stop my efforts to destroy the… Continue

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The United States of America, A Killing Field

See my reports on the topic of gross abuses by the fbi/police community here:



The United States of America has lost its human decency; all branches and all departments of government and with the complete complacency of…


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The stories of 'cops and robbers' take on an entirely different meaning in today's police state.                                                                           COPS ARE ROBBERS


Cops Are Robbers in that these armed, aggressive and dangerous thugs in blue and…


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A Contemporary History of the Criminally Macabre United States of America

A contemporary history of the criminally macabre United States of America as presented in microcosm via the life and times of former fbi Special Agent Geral W Sosbee (GS).

See reports that show how the USA is on a collision course with humanity, as shown in the murderous tactics used by the fbi,cia,dod.

Below are links to some reports online wherein GS shows…


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fbi & Mass Murders

Pres. Obama says "must do something about gun violence in America". I respond,

"... but Mr Pres, your fbi,cia,dod,police champion the use of gun violence here and abroad, and shove such mayhem down our little throats." Re: S C church mass murder:

Intelligence failure By fbi often cause mass murders.

The fbi could have devoted more attention to the real mass murderers, instead of fraudulently accusing ex fbi agent whistleblower of such atrocities:



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USA & Company Assassins

USA & Allies are assassination nations run and supported by torturers, career professional criminals, and the most evil/despicable subhuman beings ever to inhabit earth.




Humanity at risk:…


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The DOLLAR finances usa crimes against humanity

World discontent with usa (and allies like GB) use of torture, imprisonment, assassinations and mass murders trigger a realization that the rapidly rising costs of such unnecessary dirty deeds are generally paid for by high dollar valuations in world markets; this means that as USA borrows from itself to prop up dollar, all nations doing business with usa are helping to finance the killing machine let loose by fbi, cia,dod. So, the idea is preposterous that cuts in pension funds and VAT should… Continue

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We are the federal burro of Investigation

We are the federal burro of Investigation (f b I), jackass of the nation. http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/10/425245.shtml

Our counterintelligence operations destroy lives, blackmail, torture and control our Targets, force suicides, and a lot of other dirty things.…


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fbi has a problem

The torturers and assassins of the fbi have a little uncontrollable 'problema'. : our reports (yours & mine) are reaching decent people in every corner of the world and they obviously don't like the way the thugs in power kill and torture people at will and with total impunity. Evidence:


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fbi operative, aka *Bob, makes a new appearance

An apparent fbi operative (aka, Bob) comes out of the woodwork to attack me for my work to expose the fbi as torturers and assassins who have overthrown this government:

Bob Invokes The Deity From His Own Hideout In Hell:

Thank you Bob for revealing your id with the miscreants whom I seek to expose.

Bob writes in defense and on behalf of the enemy of mankind, the fbi, as follows:

"My prayer that God may rescue you from your sick evil paranoid mind."…


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My Prayer That Grace May Touch The Mosaic Of My Work

From the tens of thousands of entries related to my work to expose fbi atrocities a mosaic emerges that so far eludes the attention of most of the world’s population. In a few words I attempt to capture a small part of the portrait in the making here:…


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Prosecutors are diabolically corrupt

All prosecutors at every level, tripartite, lie when necessary to win a conviction, to prejudice the rights of the accused, cover up crimes by fbi/police,

and to feather their own career nest.

During my brief tenure at the Dallas County DA's, office the decadence and corruption there was and is today

palpable. My reports:

Criminals run the cjs:…


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fbi' universal disregard for human rights

See the Fbi history book which presents true stories of fbi agents, including Geral Sosbee. See Sosbee's review of the book in the second link below.




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fbi/cia reap as they sow

After 25 years of physical & psychological assaults on me by the fbi, including torture and discreet attempts on my life, the low thugs of the fbi, congress and the courts have revealed (by virtue of my documentations)their own macabre cultures and destructive/ inhumane agendas. My work and the efforts of others who also document atrocities committed by the USA against them, lives vibrantly now and far after I depart. Such realization in itself is heartening because I know that the… Continue

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Thoughts On Modern Police Action Against Our people


Crimes against humanity by the USA and its allies serve the elite, the ruling class and the murderous agenda of the offending nations. The kingdoms and monarchies of the world are among the most corrupt allies of the USA and some of them are listed here: UK, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands,…


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fbi 's corruption of law and society




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In many of my reports I have shown how the fbi gathers wide ranging support for their torture and attempted murder efforts against me. The many so-called 'law enforcement officers' (more correctly known as low minded thugs in blue) from federal, state, and local agencies have personally threatened and harassed me in my face, as though…

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