fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The DOLLAR finances usa crimes against humanity

World discontent with usa (and allies like GB) use of torture, imprisonment, assassinations and mass murders trigger a realization that the rapidly rising costs of such unnecessary dirty deeds are generally paid for by high dollar valuations in world markets; this means that as USA borrows from itself to prop up dollar, all nations doing business with usa are helping to finance the killing machine let loose by fbi, cia,dod. So, the idea is preposterous that cuts in pension funds and VAT should now be used in debtor nations to keep creditors at bay when such creditors support the inflated dollar which is now associated with crimes against humanity.
See my report on fbi fraud in global financial markets at academia.edu. Thank you kindly .
Geral Sosbee, ex fbi agent, linguist,counterintelligence specialty, attorney (temporarily inactive).

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