fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The stories of 'cops and robbers' take on an entirely different meaning in today's police state.                                                                          COPS ARE ROBBERS


Cops Are Robbers in that these armed, aggressive and dangerous thugs in blue and their mentors in the fbi/cia/dod are licensed and encouraged to rob you of your…

Life, freedom, property, money, family, business, sanity, health, privacy, good name ,fundamental human-civil-constitutional rights, and a variety of other God given privileges innate to our species. See “My Story In Detail” online.

In pursuit of their egregious agenda cops as robbers are now authorized by the SCOTUS to kill  suspects  fleeing in their vehicles, even though many intelligent and law abiding  people may have an averse reaction to being arrested or detained by thugs in blue, and may feel the need to seek  a witness to the event at a different location. In situations where mistakes are made by a citizen the police and the fbi and their friends in court spend thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars in efforts rob the accused of all he has worked for all of his life. Thus cops in a sense violently  rob those who pay police salaries.



See my report : Thoughts On Modern Police Action Against Our people


The violence in our society is therefore directly linked to the violent police actions every day across the land ( and to USA military crimes against humanity globally) and no effort is made to find alternative solutions to  global  police state oppression which expands before our very eyes. Indeed, the police, fbi , cia and dod actually fabricate and benefit from alleged crimes so that they can tell the general public that with  regard to the ‘’increased numbers and magnified dangerousness’’ of the  accused, “See we told you so”.  See my reports on the fbi’s fabrication and suppression of evidence in civil and criminal cases; and also see my affidavits (2007 & 2014) on the crimes spree by police and fbi against me in retaliation for my reports. Also see how the fbi commits sex  offenses and attributes the crime to their Target.



Many of us know that the police and the fbi protect the ruling elite such as wealthy movie stars, bankers, politicians, law makers, judges, doctors, etc., especially when such high society figures don’t complain about police brutality against ordinary citizens. In this sense the fbi and the police are the new Mafia which protects a certain class and exploits others. The fbi even brags about their service to “those we protect.”

See fbi’s absurd ‘core value’ assertion dated March 3, 2002 at


For my background see the fbi history book and further testimony on topic here:




“All the crimes committed by all the jailed inmates do not equal in total social damage that of the crimes committed against them.” Karl Menninger

Murderous corruption of USA by police and fbi:



New perspectives are needed in order to curb the abuses of authority that often drive people to distraction. See:  https://ttu.academia.edu/geralsosbee

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