fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi operative, aka *Bob, makes a new appearance

An apparent fbi operative (aka, Bob) comes out of the woodwork to attack me for my work to expose the fbi as torturers and assassins who have overthrown this government:
Bob Invokes The Deity From His Own Hideout In Hell:
Thank you Bob for revealing your id with the miscreants whom I seek to expose.
Bob writes in defense and on behalf of the enemy of mankind, the fbi, as follows:

"My prayer that God may rescue you from your sick evil paranoid mind."


*Other aliases for 'Bob':
"J Robert Upton , Monique Abdul Jamal, geral is tiresome, self absorbed ".

Fbi as witch :https://www.indymedia.org/pt/2015/06/984312.shtml
Devil marks the witch as his own, Bob.

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