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F b I assassin comes at me repeatedly...

...in order to harass & induce heart attack.

At USPO the crazy man seems to want to provoke me. I told him to go away, but he would not.


The man was very aggressive and clearly had a agenda against me. I spoke with Mission PD , Officer Garcia about the incident.

f b I is nervous over my continued success online and my large number of * readers of my documentaries, especially at…


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A Continuation of My report on fbi assassins & HEB

Dec.18,2021 I wrote this tweet. I have avoided HEB because I realize that fbi used the store video together with false information to cause store manager (Art) & employee to harass me; the employee was a provocative thug. The plan of fbi is to do this again when possible in order to order me never to enter the store, or for Art to call police on me 
The two female fbi whores were sent into the store to stalk and gain my…

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Incident that fbi wants to hide

After I posted the following,fbi unleashed all hell on me:**

**fbi ordered me to make an arrest with no back up. Retired fbi agents T.C.Brock, Jim Rogers, Mike Connelly, et al in Rock Island fbi are participants in the expected fiasco. I made the arrest in my VW, no incident & I refused to work in RI fbi office with the gangsters mentioned above.**…


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Fbi's labyrinth of hell


This is fbi current method to notify recalcitrant Targets of fbi death squads that death is the only way out of the labyrinth of hell created by the decadent minds of fbi psychopaths.

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Fbi pretends to be employed at Sam's club

Today I learned that the fbi assassin who for a month assaulted me in Sam's club, pretending to be employed there, is not an employee.


So, beware of the capacity of fbi to commit fraud to harass…


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Mr. Geral W. Sosbee

Law School Attended:

Texas Tech University, 1982


1983, Texas; US Supreme Court; Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals; US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit; US Court of Appeals for Veterans'…


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Academia.edu stats on Geral Sosbee

Academia.edu https://ttu.academia.edu/GeralSosbee

Texas Tech University, School of Law, Post-Doc |

I was born 8-30-1945, raised in Dallas, Texas, and served in both US Army & fbi.… more

55 Followers | 1 Following | 1…


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Fact & speculation on fbi insanity

November 2, 2021

Please note that I feel for everyone who is being sleep deprived by ELF. Psyops are also used in addition to sleep deprivation (SD)which itself is psyops.
fbi assassins know that I also have degenerative disc disease (DDD)which makes walking…

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Synthesis of fbi illegal, inhumane attacks on Targets


Inhumane, criminal fbi dirty business with Fed Mag Judge:

Force Target to live as a fugitive by 24/7/365 assaults, poisonings, attacks by DEW & PSYOPS.Label T a mental case globally. Prevent employment,use Fusion centers to control police,

turn all hostile.…


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Fbi overthrow world governments


Fbi's overthrow of world governments &  mass mind control are now in progress, as witnessed & chronicled by Targets.



This bold move by USA Intel…


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In Memory of Targets

*In memory of Targets tortured & murdered by fbi

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In Memory of Targets

*In memory of Targets tortured & murdered by fbi
*Alexis May Foster Ruppert Dorner MLK All Departed Targets
"Don't know why…

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Fbi wanted DEAD: Whistleblower

Fbi most wanted dead:fbi must kill this whistleblower GERAL SOSBEE by 'natural causes':heart attack, toxic fumes, assassins devices, DEW/ELF weaponry, gunslingers, thugs attacking him to provoke, bio-chem-viral agents,wear down by global character assassination…


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Fbi free skating ends


Fbi has never in 100 years been subjected to true reports on fbi high crimes, until now. The thugs of fbi read these reports & weep, though they hack some and block many forums from my online work.…


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