fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The fbi/cia Turn Civil Society Into A Cesspool Of Sinister Assassins

         Throughout my  websites  I identify by name in some instances (or by general description or photo in other cases) the individual doctors, dentists, lawyers, laymen and others who assist the fbi and the cia in the calumny, torture and attempted murder of Geral Sosbee. In all scenarios which I chronicle, the police, courts and legislators in all jurisdictions also unlawfully turn their backs on reports of crimes committed against my person. Many of the individual citizens who assist the fbi thugs in their heinous criminal offenses against me pretend to live otherwise respectable lives in their communities; their patients and fellow church and synagogue members are almost certainly not  aware of the criminal (and nazi type) minds lurking beneath the phony smiles and false façades of the perpetrators whom I describe because many of them are doctors of medicine and dentistry who are greedy and self centered misanthropes lacking any true sense of human decency (or respect for the rights of others) and seeking fbi /cia approval. Thus these dangerous and evil individuals assist the fbi/cia on queue in the criminal assaults on the unsuspecting victim (in this report, moi).

The government's use of members of the general population (sometimes referred to as gang stalking) to attack the target of the fbi/cia neutralization campaign is now a crime wave of epic proportions and no end to the madness is in sight.


“Never co-operate with secret services.
The first thing they do is turn you
into a murderer
(by making you accessory to their crimes).”


 See also powerful report by Terry Allen Jones:


 "The ongoing saga of how NY State and others engaged in a campaign of character
assassination, medical fraud and quackery, attempted murder, mayhem,
brainwashing, chemical lobotomizing, State sponsored prostitution, theft, libel,
slander, and more to conceal a 1981 knife attack that left me crippled for life."



Many vigilante groups are sponsored or supported by fbi/cia; and the media profits from the shows that portray vigilantes helping to capture 'the hunted.' My response to such lunacy:

Never assist the fbi/police because they will turn you into criminal stalkers against innocent persons. The fbi uses any method to discredit Targets and whistleblowers. One method is to leak false or prejudicial information about the Target to vigilante groups  or gang stalkers. One such group has many members; some are active against this Target (& others) and even have their vigilante faces posted on facebook and other sites because they are proud of their gang stalking activities:

Background data:




                        All criminal stalkers must be held accountable for their actions:


                                                  Gang Stalking:


"Help the FBI find this guy"
 Member of 'cause':
Eric Paulsen · City College of San Diego
"Got my posse n a rope, where do we start?"
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Sosbee's  present task is to respond to the thugs in blue, their vigilante terrorists and their fbi mentors who say, "We Intend To..."




Further, the convolution of sentiment of the general population from civility to barbarity now spreads across the earth (like an  artificially synthesized disease) under the authority of and in concert with  USA sponsored wars which are vehemently pursued by the fbi/cia, et al. The result of the program to turn ordinary individuals into occasional government assassins and torturers is a world in chaos because the individual’s will power is often undermined by corrupt and murderous government agents and provocateurs. The world is become in a sense a battlefield for all inhabitants, not just those wearing military uniforms; the  inimical animosity spreading across our global village portends ill for the future of mankind due to the willingness of the citizens to join in the fbi/cia's ever growing cesspool of assassins.


Thank you.

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.”
- John Lennon

T"hey speak of a republican form of government, they speak of democracy; but the despotic spirit of slavery and mastership combined pervades their whole political life like a liquid poison. They do not dare to be free lest the spirit of liberty become contagious. The system of slavery has enslaved them all, master as well as slave. What is the cause of all this? It is that you cannot deny one class of society the full measure of their natural rights without imposing restraints upon your own liberty. If you want to be free, there is but one way--it is to guarantee an equally full measure of liberty to all your neighbors. There is no other...."

--Carl Schurz (l829-1906)


                                                   Sosbee notes:

As the United States has proven to be the world's leader in waging unjust wars (both on foreign & domestic soils) we now may see a pattern of genetic origin that shows the 'killer' or 'angry' gene in living colors as the police, fbi, cia, prison guards, judges, social workers, probation authorities, arms manufacturers, and private industry, etc., all become affected by societal forces associatesd with brutality, imprisonment and murder. The homicidal genetic *switches are activated perhaps by the daily lifestyles of the people who live their lives hurting others; these goons survive and pass their genes on to the next generation to insure an ever expanding source of sociopaths and serial killers in government and in the private sector; at the same time, the pacifists & critics are killed off systematically. Wake up to the real world of the living dead .          http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/statement.html


All persons (including doctors, police, university officials, and individuals in the general population) who assisted the fbi in their efforts to kill Sosbee are accomplices to attempted murder and numerous other felonies. Further, in the event of Sosbee's premature death by causes associated with such assaults, all individuals who assisted the fbi assassins are liable for murder charges. In any event Sosbee's reports are representative of the kind of torture, violent assaults, and attempts at murder that are ongoing in the USA by the covert killers of the fbi/cia.See the following links for more information:
















                   * chemical switches  human genome

"These switches have previously been shown to be affected by a person's lifestyle and environment, with some changes being passed on to subsequent generations."



                                           ADDENDUM ON BULLIES:

Bullies in our society create a cesspool:


The vile comments by bullies on  this thread


are representative of the Bullies in the USA who seek to torture (either phys or psy)their intended victims. In many instances the thugs in government and those who serve them do in fact also strive to end the life of their Targets through inhumane & filthy verbal or physical attacks. Such characters as bebop thus present to all readers the opportunity to discover the barbarity of our species and the loss of a sense of common purpose (and shared goals) as human beings.

From: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7381364n

"The thing that makes us unique is the we can create a moral code based on what we understand collectively. We've all experienced the same emotions and can identify with others based on that."


The relenless pursuit of barbarity wherein kindness is seen as a weakness and murderous violence a strength. The world ( you & I )duly note the assassins' credo as implied above in USA global public policy. Also noted: At a mass rally in Pyongyang , NK, Army Gen. Kang Pyo Yong said "Washington... is the stronghold of evils."




During the past year I have documented assaults on me by police, Fbi operatives and street thugs nearly everywhere I go, nearly every day; additionally, the fbi comes into my neighborhood and turns an otherwise law abiding citizen into a little provocateur. The neighbor  plants tarantulas at my from and back door, throws a dead animal with a bashed in head in my pation and engages in a prolonged effort to harass or intimidate me. The same neighbor has friends in the police department and further seeks to provoke an unacceptable response to the terror games played on my in my home.

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Comment by geral sosbee on March 30, 2011 at 8:21pm

The duty to investigate gross violations of the United States Constitution rests with the federal bureau of investigation; the assassins of the fbi are delighted to read that many victims of gang stalking (and the police involvement therein) do not comprehend the nature of the iron and murderous  hand that has fallen upon them.


The thugs in blue know this and the fbi/cia fully exploit the confusion of the Targets, the fear of the general population, and the corruption of the cops whose leaders are trained at the fbi national academy.

On a positive note: the world now benefits from the revelations that we, the Mind Warriors, enunciate and we are at once fortunate and honored to lead the assault on the most thoroughly evil and homicidal humans ever to live on the planet.

Thank you.


Comment by geral sosbee on April 9, 2011 at 2:12pm

"And this is how evil accomplishes its aims. This is how a reign of terror succeeds in imprisoning the spirit of a once free people." Janet Phelan 




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