fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The United States of America, A Killing Field

See my reports on the topic of gross abuses by the fbi/police community here:



The United States of America has lost its human decency; all branches and all departments of government and with the complete complacency of the ruling class have become criminals or unethical supporters of the sociopathic thugs in power. Doctors maim or harm patients and falsify medical charts (often when fbi so orders), lawyers sell out their clients (often fearing fbi reprisal) or exploit their adversaries beyond measure, judges are anything but impartial, bankers rob their customers while engaging in wall street insider crimes, corrupt legislators enact oppressive laws for lobbyists, the SCOTUS rules that police may murder innocent suspects fleeing in their cars, merchants exercise extreme profiteering wherever they can get away with it at the expense of customers, and cops/fbi….

…cops/fbi are robbers, torturers and murderers:



criminally macabre USA:



For more specific data in support of the above report see "My Story In Detail" in twenty (20) parts starting here:



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