fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

My Prayer That Grace May Touch The Mosaic Of My Work

From the tens of thousands of entries related to my work to expose fbi atrocities a mosaic emerges that so far eludes the attention of most of the world’s population. In a few words I attempt to capture a small part of the portrait in the making here:


The fbi,  cia, congress, courts, police and many residents and citizens of the United States of America (US) are so totally engulfed in evil thoughts and deeds against their fellow man (as dictated by the military and the intelligence services) that they cannot see the natural light that might otherwise  illuminate their own depravity. The macabre and murderous activities of the agents, employees, operatives and other destructive lunatics of the US government consume as in a trance the body politic of the nation and warp the hearts and minds of most people. Wars, torture, killings, mass murders and assassinations, the use of exotic torture tools against human beings (such as directed energy weaponry , i.e.:DEW, and chemical and biological agents) combined with the false representations of present global affairs by the mass media all coalesce to induce in the general population a homicidal and sadistic national character.  This is the cold, hard truth of the current evolution of the US where insensitivity and callousness to the atrocities committed in its name are the norm;  whereby  the related collapse of ethical values in the general population often pits neighbor against neighbor, family against its members, and government employees against their own people in a cruel and painful show of unmitigated and insupportable antagonism.


Leading the government’s immoral and illegal assaults on our people are the domestic terrorists of the fbi and company who through trickery, guile and abuses of legal processes (both civil and criminal) continue to turn civil society upside down, rendering almost all people susceptible to the mesmeric effects of disgusting and often deadly (or incapacitating) chicanery. My  references to ‘government gone mad’ and the Age of Madness are the topics of many of my documentations on line, including some of my reports at academiadotedu and sosbeevfbidotcom.


Other evidence of this phenomenon of the insanity of government employees and sympathizers is seen almost daily as the fbi, police, dod, etc. kill people both here and abroad. Other offenses are often hidden from public attention such as unnecessary mass imprisonment, secret torture and forced suicide while the government agents and operatives watch the event in real time, and selective assassinations by discreet methods; these and many other unconscionable machinations are all being used by the US leaders to thin out the global population  and to consolidate power so that universal expansion can proceed unchallenged. Perhaps a kind of mass hypnosis is ongoing today and continual for the past hundred years wherein no one in power may seriously challenge the US for its unconscionable attacks; or maybe mankind itself is not capable of resisting wholesale, criminal exploitation of our species.


So, I invite the people to read the reports that I and many of my associates labor and suffer to present. This is not a pleading, nor even a request on my personal account, but is a notice that if the evil government is not stopped relatively soon, then humanity as we know it is lost unto the quasi demonic forces that we in our trance  ironically foster, nourish and often seemingly worship.


Thank you kindly.

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