fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi 's corruption of law and society


 Visualize: if the fbi as I have demonstrated can so easily destroy and hijack the life of an attorney, teacher, soldier, former judge & magistrate, former fbi special agent, and human rights activist, then how much easier be it for the mighty assassins and calumniators of the fbi to roll over and decimate an individual with fewer credentials; this is the point of most of my work.



fbi 's corruption of law and society


See my compilation of evidence on the corruption of law and society by the fbi.

The fbi and the police at all levels often engage in provocative assaults on our people and encourage a mob mentality in the fbi’s Counter intelligence (Cointel) operations which are sometimes intended to turn society against the political target. Social or public policy is thus sometimes formed by gangs of individuals (thugs) who, at the direction of the fbi, engage in an horrendous and violent vendetta against an innocent and unsuspecting Target. In other words these are  groups of “like-minded individuals coming together” thinking that they are righteous in committing crimes against a particular person, but actually act as though they are infected with a kind of violent and base virus. [“A mob mentality phenomenon has occurred throughout human history, whether witch burning, religious zealotry, political protests or reaction to perceived racial micro aggressions.”]


Violence as Virus:


The dangerous mobs in our culture consists of all police agencies, all citizenry who ‘get on board’ the harassment campaign, and all government agencies (tripartite) who seek to show support for the fbi. A kind of insane *public policy is thus forged as law by the very criminals whom the law seeks to hold accountable.

Insanity of fbi, even as they annually send mental health professionals to test my sanity:


Wrong deemed right:


Thus our society is often ruled by the most base instincts of man.


As I have shown In many of my reports the fbi gathers wide ranging public support for their torture and attempted murder efforts against their Targets, as though public policy requires a mob lynching without legal process. The fbi thus circumvents the law at will to cover up crimes actually committed by the fbi and does so with the implied assistance of the mass media .


See baseness in the hearts of men:


*Mark Twain perhaps captured this truth as he said,

" A crime preserved in a thousand centuries ceases to be a crime, and becomes a virtue. This is the law of custom, and custom supersedes all other forms of law."

CJS Is Too Corrupt & Inhumane To Reform:


In short the Fbi's murderous and cruel inhumanity shocks the conscience.

Below are some examples of the fbi’s unending crimes against this author.


Many offenses by the fbi against me are facilitated by a combination of corrupt and murderous fbi/police/judge who often commit or authorize crimes and attribute same to the political or ideological (and innocent ) Target.

The many so-called 'law enforcement' (more properly known as low minded thugs in blue) from federal, state, and local agencies have personally threatened and harassed me in my face, as though to provoke a response.

Some have actually come into my home on fictitious grounds to pretend that I am under investigation, knowing full well that the fbi commits crimes and plants my name at the scenes. Some cops pull me over to ticket me for alleged traffic offenses that they know I did not commit. Another cop boldly plants toxic fumes in my residence in a manner similar to the toxic fumes that an fbi operative used to send me to the doctor for an acute bronchitis attack.

At the University of Texas (UT) a group of cops engaged in a decade long harassment and threat and criminal assaults/battery program against me at the direction of the fbi; the provocative crimes staged by the UT police and the fbi continue to this day and are designed to ultimately arrest me. A kind of witch hunt continues by the university and its chancellor, president, deans, staff, cops,etc.

Witch hunt led by the witch ( fbi ):

My work to expose the criminals in government and society is, unlike the work of fbi assassins, designed and intended to save lives, not take them. The outrageous efforts of the US government with the full support of the courts and the congress to torture and to silence me is now a recorded fact as per my thousands of posts, reports, articles, law suit, affidavits, appeals etc., many of which are online. Some references to my reports are contained in the links shown below.

My testimony on the pure corruption of the fbi:


I have witnessed many of the crimes that I allege against the fbi:


Fbi and Boston police murder an innocent man (mode of operation):


fbi’s sweeping crime spree:


fbi as Gestapo:


Some crimes by fbi/police are jointly conducted by a corrupt and murderous fbi/police who often commit crimes and attribute same to the political or ideological (and inocent ) Target:


An unlawful CJS framed and forged by the fbi:


Sex crime by the fbi:


Harassment and murder of individuals by police and fbi  in USA are recurring events:


A dictatorship via a fourth branch of government:


Criminal methods to control world:


The devastating effects of the illegal and traitorous activities of fbi/cia/police  Cointel programs are  profoundly embedded in the national psyche and are inherently and imperceptibly destructive of American rights and values.

Extreme psychological assaults using street thugs and gas lighting techniques (including destruction of my car and other property in my home) continue to date, as do the invisible DEW assaults which are executed 24/7/365 apparently for life.

So that today many Americans in their blind trust in and support for so-called leaders have become 1) insensitive to atrocities and 2) participants in or accessories to the many felonies committed in their name. Wars, assassinations, torture, all are ongoing today here as well as "over there". (See my affidavits 2007 and 2014 for specifics) .

Humanity at risk:


Save the human species:


Dilemma facing every man:


More examples of criminal offenses against this author:

A military intelligence officer files a fraudulent harassment complaint against me with the police who then issue a fraudulent BOLO (be on the lookout) against me, so that I am harassed and threatened every time I enter onto the campus.

 A UT cop states to me in my face, “I may have to arrest you”. Another UT cop refuses to take my report of a crime against my person on campus; and in a separate instance the cop falsifies my report of another crime against my person. These intentional police offenses in violation of public integrity and in breach of duties are all dictated by the UT high level cops at the San Antonio, Texas, UTHSC and are fully documented in many of my reports and court case. Yet the harassment campaign against me also has another and equally sinister twist as described below.

The fbi follows along everywhere I go, spreading calumny and even asking street thugs and gang members to assault and provoke me here in the USA, in Mexico, Japan and Thailand. In the two links at the bottom of this report I summarize the many crimes committed against me and ongoing today by the fbi and for the past 25 years. Fbi operatives appear anonymously online in efforts to discredit my work.  The people of the world surely do not agree that my reports of crimes against humanity committed by the cowardly dod,cia,fbi agents, police, operatives, soldiers, assets and street thugs, are imaginary , or are a 'joke.'  See  my report on alienation.



Human experimentee:



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