fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

As I have extensively documented for the past twenty years, the fbi/cia/dod are corrupt beyond comprehension of most people. * I have shown efforts by these agencies and departments to torture, force suicide or murder their Targets, including USA’s very own combat vets. This report supplements my previous reports and is written in response to false claims made by persons who support the USO, United Service Organizations.


During my combat service and related experiences in Viet Nam in 1967, I witnessed or was privy to the following facts about the Army and the USO:

Some soldiers shot themselves, or had their fellow soldiers do the deed

Some soldiers intentionally contracted diseases, including malaria and VD

Some soldiers lost their minds and threatened to kill their fellow soldiers during the next fire fight

COs and others on some occasions  murdered (by so-called  'friendly fire') certain soldiers who were deemed cowards or trouble makers

Some combat soldiers who were stationed with me at Bien Hoa were lied to, misled and robbed by the USA as follows:

In some instances the soldier made a down payment on a new suit of clothes to be worn home after duty in the armed forces; the soldier would come into the USO (the soldier was usually a short timer with a month or two to go until his year in Viet Nam was finished); he would make a down payment on items that he hoped to bring home, but the clothes would not be made because the USO tailor wanted to see if the soldier lived to collect the purchased items. In such cases, the soldier forfeited his life for the United States even while the USO robbed him.

No American wants to hear this news, but the truth must be told. My service record is here:





Impotency caused by secret poisoning of the food by FBI and NSA secret spies. Usually alone in his/her torture. Constant mental rape, insults and humiliation. Has no privacy even for his/her private thoughts. Cannot plan secretly nor hold trade secrets or intellectual property. Is subject to vicious physical and psychological attacks. Does not know how harassment is happening or by whom. Does not know why harassment is happening. May be accused of mentall illness, called delusional. Cannot get away, no matter where he/she goes. Mind raped thought streams. Bugged conversations. Gossip, Rumours, Social and Job connections broken. Microwave voices, clicks, pops, brain zapping, direct harassment. Death and disease threats via internet messages from undercover FBI  and NSA spies.

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