fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Thirteen years ago I promised to fight the subhuman assassins and torturers of the fbi. This post reaffirms that pledge.


On 2/21/2002:I wrote a pledge as summarized below.

... that I will not stop my efforts to destroy the fbi and the cia (in an intellectual sense) as long as I breathe and have life in my body (barring any debilitating infirmity); and further, that I feel no compulsion to so work to my death because I consider this labor an honor and in a sense a gift from the deities; so, the fbi and the cia thugs and assassins may hereby take no claim to have weakened me, as I am filled with the energy of an eternal Spring.
I welcome the challenges ahead with an expectation that the most difficult episodes of fbi/cia terrorist assaults are yet to come my way....

Since then I have endured multiple attempts on my life, extended sleep deprivation continuing to date, assaults by fbi street thugs and police in efforts to provoke an unlawful response in kind, and extreme psychological assaults designed to drive me mad.

History now confirms the crimes committed against me and many others by the fbi and their police/vigilante associates; as this fundamental cultural corruption must not be allowed to continue, I am confident that our work to stop the atrocities against selected persons is gaining speed by the awakening of the people and by the grace of God.


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