fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

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fbi and police engage in unstoppable crimes

This report focuses on fbi/police crimes and cover ups and related subjects. As a preface to the data presented here, I hope that the reader understands that my…


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An humble opinion

Thanksgiving & Reflections

For the millions of years that man has walked on earth he has been and is today at war with and shows inhumanity towards his fellow man. Now, the nation that calls itself United States of America (USA) pretends to lead parts of the world in military and economic might, but this regime fails all mankind in the most important and meaningful quest of all: the achievement of peace & good will on earth permanently. This failure to stop killing and torturing… Continue

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The insane police/fbi community in the USA

Insanity is the loss of one’s mental  health and is often recognizable as irrationality or a

serious mental illness or madness.


The present law enforcement and fbi communities daily threaten, harass, beat, imprison, torture, force final exits and murder our people throughout the United States of America (USA). Even those who are not Targets of the…


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Wicked fbi and their mischievous police friends

USA attacks the world and ... me!

As I document the overthrow of this government and *the high jacking of my life by hoodlums and assassins in fbi,cia,dod, congress, courts and their associates , the fbi continues a quarter century long crime spree against me which includes unending threats & assaults by police, street thugs, neighbors and even congress/courts.

*… Continue

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Declarations of Independence


A Modern Version of the Declaration of Independence:






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fbi's unethical dogma reveals its own criminality & corruption

As in Nazi Germany where big secrets of the State are not a pressing issue because public incredulity keeps large atrocities hidden, the modern fbi/cia similarly hasten to first cover up little secrets such as torture, forced suicides and selective assassinations as per fbi insider *dogma as follows: "Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity" ~ Marshall McLuhan

Contemporary fbi practice promotes a similarly rotten standard: *put out… Continue

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Immovable object vs. unstoppable force

The universal human predicament :

unstoppable force vs immovable object:

The unstoppable force is comprised of the indomitable human spirit/all that is holy & graceful in the universe; truth and heart,mind and soul of all who serve mankind for the good and for the improvement of our species.

The immovable object is the collection of the following:

the war machine and all its parts, including tanks, drones, nuclear weapons, military industrial complex,… Continue

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The power of one

This combat veteran, I, who innocently defended this corrupt country at risk of death continues today to defend all mankind, even as this murderous fascist State ( once known as the USA) tortures, falsely *labels & tries to kill me; I have never quit my struggle to expose the evil fbi,cia,police,dod and their global allies because my life and every conscious moment of my…


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GERAL SOSBEE, ATTORNEY; fbi retaliation


Admitted to the Bar of the United States District Court, Southern District of Texas

Inline image 1

The fbi harassed me by extreme DEW assaults the night prior to the admission to the bar hearing in the United States District Court, Southern District of Texas; then, this afternoon after I left the courthouse, the fbi took over my car's…


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Our Lost Nation

While the people sleep with eyes wide open , the government of the United States of America continues a bloody and cruel crime spree globally.

Usa,dod,cia,fbi,nsa, police and allies are on a global kill, torture, & imprison spree unprecedented in human affairs. Often their atrocities also put our own soldiers and diplomats at increased risk of death /injury. Millions of individuals are displaced as refugees, thrown into cages, forced into suicide , and otherwise… Continue

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fbi operatives

Fbi thugs online, in the context of www.sosbeevfbi.com, offer evidence of this nation's decadence, evil and hopeless depravity.

Meet a few of the fbi operatives on line (all using aliases), and all of whom I have come to know as very low creatures over the past 40 years. Serial killers:

Monique Abu-Jamal, paint me doubtful…


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A Modest Theoretical Proposal

...and where are all the geniuses who could offer suggestions on how to improve the human condition!

A Modest Theoretical Proposal To End Gross Abuses Of Human Beings :

Remove all governments from power, educate the masses regarding their rights and responsibilities, and allow all the world's people to govern themselves in a manner consistent with universally recognized human and civil rights.

Inescapable violence always emanates from government against…


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To the judge/magistrate who authorizes fbi crimes

To the secret judge controlled by fbi assassins:

You are a coward and a traitor and your crimes in concert with the torturers and serial killers in the fbi (whom you empower by your corrupt process) are now recognized globally as both an indictment of the judiciary and the institution of law and as an affront to civilization.

You may rest assured that your name in time is disclosed and your name , like those you serve as operative, is forever associated with the fall of…


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Meet the fbi & its director via fbi agent/operative, aka Jeff Murray

Meet the fbi and its director through the filthy mind of their agents/operative shown below  in the two emails to me at gsosbee@gmail.com…


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fbi's counterintelligence program

USA is ruled by cowardly, traitorous, incompetent and low minded assassins & torturers who employ deadly tactics against anyone who raises credible challenges to their criminal regime. In one letter the ordinary citizen may comprehend the fbi's inhumane counterintelligence program against many true patriots and human rights advocates:



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DEW & Related assaults

As an apparent result of the * success of my constant posts on line and other activities, the fbi now increases DEW and related assaults so as to basically render me void of energy, burdened with severe headaches, etc. I also suspect that the assassins in fbi use other high technology against me.




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SCOTUS invites fbi crimes by denying relief

When *SCOTUS denied my Writ, they invited the fbi to continue and expand the fbi's crime spree against me continuing now for 15 years (after denial of Writ) and including torture & multiple attempts on my life.




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*fbi high crimes and insanity exposed by me

The fbi successfully depended on my honesty, reliability, expertise and credibility in a highly cited and publicized civil rights case against a brutal  Chicago cop turned criminally  violent:


Then, the fbi featured me & my service in the official fbi history book:…


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