fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

While the people sleep with eyes wide open , the government of the United States of America continues a bloody and cruel crime spree globally.

Usa,dod,cia,fbi,nsa, police and allies are on a global kill, torture, & imprison spree unprecedented in human affairs. Often their atrocities also put our own soldiers and diplomats at increased risk of death /injury. Millions of individuals are displaced as refugees, thrown into cages, forced into suicide , and otherwise marginalized/demonized by the most evil regime ever on the face of the earth: the United States of America.

Thus, I consider the fbi's macabre and painful *campaign against me (life threatening though it be) as no more than a taxing inconvenience while I struggle to **expose the sub humans of the usa as murderous psychopaths without heart or soul. My own travails are reminders to me of the more serious sufferings of others around the world as directed by the tyrants who stroll in marbled hall ways in this God forsaken regime. Our countrymen who allow such abominations are hereby recorded as morally bankrupt and mentally challenged as they are hopelessly desensitized to the grief that they thrive upon.
* https://www.academia.edu/14337221/what_would_you_do_if

** http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/fbiciade-mystifi.html

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