fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi and police engage in unstoppable crimes

This report focuses on fbi/police crimes and cover ups and related subjects. As a preface to the data presented here, I hope that the reader understands that my experiences with the fools who call themselves police and fbi reflect widespread societal disturbances due to the low mentality and unmitigated arrogance of the law enforcement community; my experiences are seen as a microcosm of the very dangerous national problem facing the (overthrown ) USA.

Here are some links that offer further examples of the police state as forged here by the *fbi and company.

Insanity of the police community:


Global significance of crimes against me:



fbi/police criminal assaults, etc:




Over the past dozen years the fbi sends opeatives who are instructed to harass and provoke me. When I try to file police reports on the criminal assaults and vandalism the police often refuse to take my reports. Two such incidents in Brownsville, Texas include a burglary and trashing of my condominium; I identified a suspect in that case, but the police refused to investigate. In another instance an fbi operative drove his truck at a high speed toward me and my wife as we tried to exist our parking space; this assault with a motor vehicle was troubling because we both had no way to escape from the oncoming threat. When the police arrived at the scene the thug went into his apartment and the police officer stated that he will not investigate because, “the man could have actually rammed you if he wanted to.”

Lately, I filed a police report on vandalism of my home. The police refused to provide me with a copy of the report, citing the family code exception to open records laws (OR). I notified the Texas Attorney General (AG) that the police unlawfully violated the OR  laws and I explained how the police through deceit and manipulation of record &  files repeatedly and intentionally violated the OR laws. The AG agreed with me and ordered the police to provide me with the records.

After that incident the fbi continued their crime spree by sending their operative to vandalize my car again by disabling the right front headlight. Here is the story of this incident:

 -----On November 20, 2015, I and my wife entered the Brownsville, Texas Police Department (BPD) and reported the crime of vandalism of our car to police officer, Detective  Posada ( hereinafter referred to as ' x'). During the discussion, I also briefed X on the  assaults against us in Brownsville by fbi operatives and by directed energy weaponry (DEW). In fact X  was aware of my previous reports of crimes because he  investigated one such offense.

For reasons unknown to me X  in fact made no inquiry regarding the crime that I reported, but instead X  focused on the following subjects as he stated that he and the police accept as valid any report by a medical doctor (referring to the false finding of paranoia entered by Dr. Holder on part twenty of my website).

See: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part20-updatefor.html


X  stated that “ I should try taking the medication;

 that filing a false police report is a crime;

that the police accept as fact any record  by a medical doctor;

that he wants the name of the other doctor whom  I consulted for a second opinion of the Doctor Holder finding of  ‘paranoia’."

A few minutes later as the meeting with X  ended, I asked him if he wanted a copy of the enclosed repair invoice showing the evidence that someone disconnected the headlight. The Detective answered ‘yes’ and he made a copy of the invoice #xxxx  for his office; then, as we exited X’s  office, he asked my wife (away from my hearing) “where she and I met”.

As we were leaving the building, I asked X for a case number so I could obtain a copy of the report; he answered, ‘just a moment’. He then went into the dispatch room to obtain a case number; when he returned, he gave me his card with a number on it. When I presented the case number to the records office  a few days later, the clerk advised me that the number that I provided to her was X’s  phone number, and that no record exists regarding my report of vandalism of my car on November 20, 2015.

After I unsuccessfully tried to reach X  at his office and by phone on the same day, I realized that X  apparently refused to take the report. I then filed a verbal request with the BPD Internal Affairs Officer and with the records supervisor  to kindly inquire as to why X  ignored the evidence that I and my wife presented to him.---------

The above story is one of many instances where the police in Texas, California, etc., actually cover up crimes against me, my wife and my property. However, the injury to me does not stop with the police cover up, as the police actively seek to discredit me by pretending that false reports by medical doctors are valid. See also the false medical report here:


On several occasions medical doctors and dentists actually torture and threaten me on behalf of of the fbi. I have documented several such episodes of crimes and intentional incompetence by doctors.

See this related report: http://barbarahartwellvscia.blogspot.com/2015/11/compelling-inspira...
The wholesale manipulation of the police community by the fbi and the cia is global and presents a real quandary for the individual who is targeted for imprisonment or death. Thus, in many instances the victim of fbi/police abuses may discover an awful dilemma.


For more information on the fbi corruption of law and society see some of my papers at


Of course,  I realize that the formation of the current police state is the result of the more serious overthrow of the government of the United States of America  by the intelligence services and that nothing can be done to stop the former, nor to reverse the latter.

Perhaps a new declaration by the people is appropriate:



Finally, I ask where is the media to cover these events that turn this nation and the world into a planet for killing, torture and imprisonment



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