fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Wicked fbi and their mischievous police friends

USA attacks the world and ... me!

As I document the overthrow of this government and *the high jacking of my life by hoodlums and assassins in fbi,cia,dod, congress, courts and their associates , the fbi continues a quarter century long crime spree against me which includes unending threats & assaults by police, street thugs, neighbors and even congress/courts.
* https://www.academia.edu/14337221/what_would_you_do_if
Presently, the world's population shows a keen interest in the USA 's role in the bloody turmoil that prevails in countries invaded by the homicidal sociopaths who control the USA. Those freedom fighters who are labeled as criminals and terrorists by the subhumans of the USA may in time be viewed as the last gasp of sanity in a world thrown into hopeless chaos by the fools and mass murderers who rule the world. No man of integrity can yield to the inhumane tyranny evinced by USA globally. http://la.indymedia.org/js/?v=cont&url=/news/2015/11/291992.json

The fbi recently vandalized my car in a way that the police suggest that I may have committed the vandalism and that I may have filed a false police report on the crime. This type of sly and wicked behavior by fbi and police is evidence of the insanity of the entire police community in the USA.

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