fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The insane police/fbi community in the USA

Insanity is the loss of one’s mental  health and is often recognizable as irrationality or a

serious mental illness or madness.


The present law enforcement and fbi communities daily threaten, harass, beat, imprison, torture, force final exits and murder our people throughout the United States of America (USA). Even those who are not Targets of the irrational conduct of the cops sometimes get nervous upon seeing a police car right behind them; on some occasions the police squad car driver turns on the threatening, bright, and offensive flashing lights not for ‘you’, but for a car in your vicinity. This kind of activity by the police is not necessary and may in fact cause heart attacks, neuroses or other illness in the innocent motorist.

In the USA the more serious evidence of irrationality by the police and fbi are A) the cold blooded killing of our people right on the street, in our faces, and in complete disregard to the right to life and all other rights of the victim of police errant conduct; B) the beating to death of people who are innocent or who do not deserve to be maimed or killed by anyone; C) the coordinated  covert assaults of our people (including fraudulent sting scenarios)by the police, fbi, postal authorities, DEA, ICE, etc.; D) the imprisonment or threats thereof against individuals based on police and fbi unsubstantiated suspicions of unlawful conduct; in such instances the more serious crime is often committed by the police and the fbi whose conduct is far beyond reasonable under the circumstances.

I have personally endured extensive assaults by the police and the fbi/postal inspector, etc., as I have documented for the past fifteen years online. All authorities in every branch and department of government (tripartite) pretend that my reports of police/fbi madness do not matter; that the members of the criminal justice community are authorized implicitly to engage unchecked in their atrocious assaults on us (the people). Of course the congress and the courts are removed from most of the police violence and they are also insulated from the actual brutality that characterizes most police and fbi operations. The rubber never meets the road for these “honorable” representatives in marbled office buildings because such roads are traveled by those of us who actually care about human and civil rights as we struggle to survive in the unfair economic and political system that contains us ( See my report on the “Age of Madness”).

For more specific information and evidence of the insanity of the police and the fbi in our culture see A)my reports of total corruption of the University of Texas police and all of those in the university community (including their attorneys); B) my reports some forthcoming regarding the  Brownsville, Texas , police community’s refusal to investigate crimes against me, my wife and my property; C) my documentations of threats by the United States Postal Inspector ( USPI) and the Texas Department of Public Safety  DPS; D) my evidence of a fbi sponsored crime spree against me for the past twenty five (25) years,  including 24/7 torture by directed energy weaponry (DEW), assaults by fbi operatives and street thugs, poisonings, home invasions, attempts on my life, etc.; see “My Story In Detail” for specific examples.

All such unlawful fbi and police actions as I have presented continue to this moment, show no sign of cessation and are generally accepted by the authorities at every level of government. Such habituation by the leaders of this nation to the unbridled and often insane fbi/police employees is evidence that the mental illness of our so-called protectors is spreading like a virus into every official’s office and mind.

*What can be done, one may ask, to stop the outrageous, murderous and quasi evil men and women in ‘blue’ who threaten our lives and our nation! The answer today appears to be ‘Nothing” because 1)the national leaders are in denial of the atrocities committed  in their faces; 2) the leaders depend on the fbi, police, etc., to protect them from enraged citizens who are abused everyday; 3)the leaders really don’t care much about what happens to you or me as long as they are secure in their corrupt little offices which are generally not accessible to the people, except nominally.

So, on a positive note I have shown that for the most part our right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ is alive, though some members in congress are now studying how to hogtie that fundamental right in a manner similar to the disintegration by the SCOTUS of our once valued United States Constitution. http://la.indymedia.org/js/?v=cont&url=%2Fnews%2F2015%2F11%2F29... Also, the fbi and the police community have direct control over most media groups and actually prevent publication of ‘hot’ material like mine.

Below are a few links (with a brief description of content) to my other reports which support the proposition that the police, the fbi and all other law enforcement personnel  are generally insane, out of control and dangerous to all of us on the streets, in our work and in our homes.

Reports on the insanity of the fbi and police community:


wicked fbi, police





Historical record:



fbi operatives wild and insane libel campaign:


Corruption of law and society:


Other reports on the gruesome  CJS, etc.:


See also: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204795754805161&id=1576...

*Begin to address the problem by a …

Declaration of Independence


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The fbi/cia/police are on a roll- a global crime spree unprecedented in human affairs.



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