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The macabre sickness of the fbi

With the support of the general population the fbi and all law enforcement in the USA (their agents / operatives & informants) cause , enhance , benefit from and enjoy extreme human suffering that they by their employment pursue 24/7/365 for all their careers and thereafter .

See my main website and the following synopsis thereof for compelling and uncontested evidence of my assertions.…


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Psychological Operations (psyops) By fbi Against Me

 Preface: I refer to myself below alternately in the first person and in the third person 'T'.

For twenty five years I have documented the extreme torture of my person by agents and operatives of the fbi (See “ My Story In Detail” on line).  I have also shown how the assassins of fbi actually watch this Target (T) in real time 24/7/365, via physical and electronic surveillance  for life (including in home and car, etc), and…


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fbi operatives or sympathisers come out of the woodwork

I recently posted the following message:

At the National Academy, the fbi trains all law enforcement leaders in the nation and in many parts of the world * to kill, beat, imprison and torture the innocent suspect, while the SCOTUS authorizes the police to kill innocent suspects fleeing in their cars. So, most of the police/fbi brutality and killings of our people is the result of a macabre culture in all law enforcement as…


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Sosbee inadvertently sends fbi to .....H E L L !

Give'em hell,  Geral ( in Harry ' s words), but I'm not trying to send  them to  hell. I just tell the truth about  the torturers and assassins of the fbi and then, as the world listens, the fbi  thinks that they are in



Report from my dear friend, Barbara… Continue

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Explication of Salient Events : fbi As Criminal Sovereignty

Explication Of  Salient Events: fbi As Criminal Sovereignty


See my report on the "Explication of Salient Events : fbi As Criminal Sovereignty" for a better  understanding of the complete corruption of law and society by the fbi.



The people of the United States…


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USA: Devoid Of And Forsaken By All That Is Holy And Graceful

To the US President, Congress, Courts, and all so-called law enforcement officers such as fbi/cia/police (who in actuality are demented in their pursuit to protect the ruling class while imprisoning and killing by the millions our Brothers & Sisters globally):

Be It Known:

Those who hate their Brothers also hate God and the manifest expressions  of their hatred are their efforts to torture, imprison, or kill their…


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Repost: usa a rotten mess

The usa, a rotten mess


The fbi sends two jack- booted thugs, USPI Knipfing and Texas DPS Rodriguez, to my home on a fraudulent fishing expedition to harass and threaten me. Knipfing also pretended to investigate the above report. See:…


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Joe Lanier reminds us why we are here


Thanks to Joe Lanier for his constant support for all of us in the cause, for his reports (sometimes sprinkled with a touch of sobering humor) and for reminding me of this message referencing 'why' we are here:

Mark Twain - The Two Most Important Days in Your Life Are the Day You Were Born And the Day You Find…


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The Goodness of Mankind Is Threatened

Jesus was tortured & murdered
         in a police state

Now my report:

"It is what it is", NOT! Creativity is our equalizer.


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Brutal bestial bullies abound

Bullies run the world. See for example those well paid bullies in the fbi, cia, police, courts, congress, and of course their paid, expert  killers at dod.  Anyone who resists the bullies is likely to be brutally beaten or killed.

Meet the adult, life long  bullies who appear anonymously in the comments shown in the links below and who are also employed as serial killers for the  fbi. Understand that such government bullies/thugs  are frequently and  richly rewarded, trained as… Continue

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Fbi, cia (& police) are modern day Nazis

Holocaust and Nazi Mengele :


Modern day Holocaust perpetrated by  fbi assassins and fbi  Nazi type agents & operatives:



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Psychological Operations by the fbi designed to drive a Target crazy

Preface : 


 Psychological Operations by the fbi are designed to drive a Target crazy, to imprison or kill him. See…


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World awareness of the inhumanity of fbi/cia

Organized harassment in Hungary


Germans on alert to threat posed by global police state spearheaded by fbi/cia:


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fbi/cia/police hoodlums : you will not get away with your crimes against humanity much longer; your facade of the heroic pursuit of "terrorists & criminals" is exposed & undone by my reports of your subhuman nature, and the world's people can no longer support your presence as a force in their lives. This post is a reminder that you murderers and torturers who claim to represent the USA are the enemies of mankind and even though you are insane we the people cannot forgive… Continue

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A murderous government infects the public

As I have exposed the murderous corruption of fbi/police & a similarly hateful public, the thugs of government fraudulently seek to arrest me. Meanwhile many on Facebook and other media verbally attack me. I respond that all who fear or support this evil government should stay away from me. Kneel down and lick the boots of the likes of the assassins in fbi, PI Knipfing, Texas DPS Rodriguez and UT dangerous cops. I hold no resentment because Everyman must choose his own path and ultimately… Continue

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My letters to Senator Cruz, et al

Here are the letters that I send this date to government and private officials who are aware of many crimes ongoing against me by the assassins of the fbi:

                                                           April 10,…


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A Summary Of My reports On Crimes By The fbi

This report is an effort to combine into this single report many of my  past posts and articles regarding fbi high crimes against me and against the people of the world. The premise herein is that the fbi corrupts and controls  all cops whom the fbi contacts or trains, or otherwise influences, including Interpol and many other international  police agencies. This  report…


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fbi thugs incorporate the entire society of cops into the murderous brotherhood

After twenty five years of criminal assaults on my person  by the fbi, including psychological and DEW attacks ongoing for about 15 years, the fbi continues to bring all cops at all levels against me as I have previously reported. When the fbi discovered that I cannot be dissuaded from posting my articles and reports online, the fbi thugs commit postal crimes…

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Not the time for beautiful platitudes

I regret to inform my fellow citizens that inasmuch as the murderers in the fbi train & corrupt all law enforcement officials at every level in the USA and prepare them to beat, torture, or kill you, the instinct for self preservation is often taxed by these fools in blue who are armed, licensed and encouraged by *SCOTUS to kill. This is not the time for beautiful platitudes.…


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fbi/police exploit the most vulnerable

Given the murderous corruption of fbi that I have established, the ordinary person facing tumultuous challenges (both personal & in business) becomes acutely vulnerable to fbi,police abuses. Thus, one must prepare mentally to sustain at times criminal assaults by such cops (fed,state,local) because they are trained to exploit and attack a person where he/she is the most weakened by the complex societal forces affecting us. As I have shown, corrupt police/fbi fraudulently provoke or entrap… Continue

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