fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi thugs incorporate the entire society of cops into the murderous brotherhood

After twenty five years of criminal assaults on my person  by the fbi, including psychological and DEW attacks ongoing for about 15 years, the fbi continues to bring all cops at all levels against me as I have previously reported. When the fbi discovered that I cannot be dissuaded from posting my articles and reports online, the fbi thugs commit postal crimes in Dallas in order to cause the US Postal Inspector and the Texas DPS to focus on me. Both such cops (i.e. Knipfing and Rodriguez) are aware of the many crimes committed against me by the fbi, the UT Police and many others, yet the two fools come into my home to try to intimidate me as I previously reported. See
My affidavit dated 2007 and 2014
Police state USA:
Both Knipfing and Rodriguez (K & R) continue today to refuse my lawful requests for a copy of their reports on their phony investigation in April, 2013. They both know that I will publish the reports which will reveal the crimes and cover ups of crimes by the US PI and by the Texas DPS.
Additionally, the two thugs from USPI and Texas DPS also visited the campus of the UTHSC, Harlingen, Texas, following their visit to my home. Note that many crimes against my person were committed against me by the very cops and staff ay UTHSC whom Knipfing and Rodriguez contacted. See fraudulent UT BOLO at:
and assault by UT police/fbi operative Alonzo Yanez here:
Imagine, if one may, that the very thugs at UT who assisted the fbi in years of crimes against me are contacted by K & R to see if I committed any offenses. Meanwhile, every time I enter the library facilities at UTHSC I am harassed, followed and insulted by the staff and by the UT police.
Today, I understand why so many innocent people are in prison: the so-called law enforcement community follows the lead of the insane fbi whose agents and operatives set people up for criminal or civil incarceration:
The evidence is clear, the United States of America seeks out and causes violence globally, feeds off of the suffering and misery caused by such activity that I and others describe, and cares not at all for the preservation of the humanitarian spirit that distinguishes a brutal culture from a truly human and respectful civilization. By this I mean that the fbi,cia,dod,nsa, etc regularly violate fundamental human, civil, constitutional and God given rights at will and with total impunity. See my report on how the fbi thugs do this at

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