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Explication of Salient Events : fbi As Criminal Sovereignty

Explication Of  Salient Events: fbi As Criminal Sovereignty


See my report on the "Explication of Salient Events : fbi As Criminal Sovereignty" for a better  understanding of the complete corruption of law and society by the fbi.



The people of the United States of America (USA) are locked in a mindset of delusion that this government represents the interests of the people. After all, the history books and the teachers propound such a fallacy and the leaders of the nation require adherence to same. The truth is that the government no longer serves the people, but is devoted to its own nefarious agenda which includes world inhumane domination.



In fact the intelligence services actually rule the nation by engaging in extensive criminal activities (aside from conspiracies) in order to control the general public and to intimidate whistleblowers who try to report high crimes and misdemeanors executed in the name of the USA.


The most egregious offender of the rights of the people are the agents and operatives of the fbi, as this Target (hereinafter referred to as ‘T’) has documented for the past twenty five years. Yet, as T tries to present evidence of such crimes as torture, attempted murder, fraud, suppression of evidence, perjury, etc. committed by the fbi their agents and operatives mount a disinformation campaign of lies which are disseminated to the general public over a period of decades, or even centuries.


In T’s case the fbi operatives also attempt fraudulently to label T as insane and paranoid. In some instances the fbi even writes anonymously and falsely that T is a murderer and a possible mass murderer. See T’s  online reports for proof of these assertions. In T’s continuing efforts to illuminate fbi corruption, criminality and gratuitous treachery the following data is presented: T entered the fbi as a Special Agent in 1971 and resigned in 1978 after being forced out for reporting extensive crimes committed by the fbi during those years. See T’s affidavit 2007 and the Rodriguez case for supporting material.


J. EDGAR HOOVER, January, 1971:



Broader career goals, September, 1978:



fbi crimes:


Subsequently the fbi launched an incredible vendetta against T which included so many crimes against T’s person that time and paper cannot fully capture. See some of the crimes in T's affidavits, court documents and other reports (including police reports online). Note that T served the USA both on the battlefield and in the fbi for a total of almost a decade.


Fbi history book:





For a summary of the gauntlet of the unending crimes committed by the fbi against T (ongoing at this very moment) see Gruesome Ordeal:



Some incidents of fbi assaults also include the following: The fbi thugs:

a) open the garage door remotely while T is inside his home and the same terrorist stands across the street as though to challenge T to respond;

b) repeated home invasions and destruction or tampering therein as a form of psychological warfare;

c) extensive surveillance both physical and electronic for the life of T whereby the fbi agents and operatives watch T 24/7 in his home and car in order to learn new methods to terrorize him;

d) poisoning of T causing emergency hospital and doctor’s visits and costing over $200,000;

e) destruction of T’s cars, costing over $20,000; assaults and battery on the person of T by street thugs and by police officers at every level;

f)extensive calumny, causing all authorities to wrongly suspect T as being a criminal or insane, or diseased;

g) ruination of T’s standing in the community, resulting in the isolation and alienation of T everywhere he goes;

h) *commit crimes and plant T’s name at the scene, so as to cause an elaborate federal and state fraudulent investigation of T for suspicion of a felony and to fabricate a basis to suggest insanity; see my report on “Committed To Healing”;

i) attempts on the life of T while he is in the hospital where some heath care providers assist the fbi in the torture and attempted murder of T ;

j) provide false and prejudicial  information to doctors and dentists in order to gain their assistance in the torture and attempted murder of T;

k) gain the support of some doctors who actually torture T and who also falsely label T as delusional in their medical charts; see part twenty of My Story In Detail.

l) suppression and fabrication of evidence ( see the Rodriguez case and the USPI Knipfing/Texas DPS Rodriguez unlawful intrusion into my home;

m)continue  flagrant assaults by male and female operatives designed to provoke a response;

n) use a neighbor to engage in a highly sophisticated effort to harass T and to record via video and recorder T’s response (such assaults include throwing dead animals into T’s patio, planting live tarantulas, snakes and insects in T’ home and car, and poisoning T with toxic fumes).


Other crimes committed by the fbi against T are not listed here but are set forth in T’s police reports and other articles online, such as the logs documented at My Story In Detail in twenty part. One such ongoing crime by the fbi against T is to attack him 24/7 with Directed Energy Weaponry which causes severe and extended sleep deprivation and a number of other symptoms as set forth in section 19 of My Story In Detail.

This type of assault from satellites is invisible and is also used against others globally. Also, note that the covert nature of the electronic assault reflects the cowardly nature of the fbi. *Knipfing & Rodriguez (wherever these two men go, they are up to no good and should be in jail):


Regarding the fbi’s fraudulent use of other police agencies to threaten and harass T see the  reports on US Postal Inspector Knipfing and Texas DPS agent Rodriguez referenced above.

 For additional information regarding a recent psychological assault on T by the fbi, see


For information on how the fbi tries to control the mind of its agents and operatives see Mind Control:



After decades of assaults T better understands how the fbi and the media set people up for unacceptable reactions to the provocations described herein: Dilemma :



In this paper T  shows how the fbi orchestrates the notorious COINTELPRO ' S Quasi cjs:


This is a summary of the fbi fraudulent case against an innocent woman (Rodriguez) which T   reported prior to her arrest:



Trustworthiness of T’s reports:


One must investigate the Fbi's unamerican activities, subversion, treason:


The collapse of the USA is done:



The people’s failure to address the issues facing this nation leaves the task for future generations and much suffering and many killings by the fbi/cia/police are inevitable:



Finally, T has no reasonable expectation that the fbi will stop the vendetta against T; after all they have painted themselves into a corner and must finish off their work against this thoroughly (and wrongfully) castigated and tortured Target.

The fear of the fbi by the people and the current formation of the police state by the fbi portends ill for our people and for the people of the world. One may  take no pride in allowing the group of liars, thieves, cut throats, torturers and murderers of the fbi to represent and to train  law enforcement, as the fbi  presumes to be a sovereignty unto themselves. They are on a roll of criminality unprecedented in human affairs.

Yours truly, geral


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