fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

A Summary Of My reports On Crimes By The fbi

This report is an effort to combine into this single report many of my  past posts and articles regarding fbi high crimes against me and against the people of the world. The premise herein is that the fbi corrupts and controls  all cops whom the fbi contacts or trains, or otherwise influences, including Interpol and many other international  police agencies. This  report also  offers an insight into how the fbi railroads into prison, harasses, drives the Target (such as Geral Sosbee) into a state of near neurosis, assaults him with extreme psychological warfare 24/7 for life (including with DEW weaponry, etc.), tries to force suicide, tries to imprison and tries to kill him for political or ideological purposes.  The most recent provocative  attacks on me by fbi operative/street thugs are found  in many  Brownsville, Texas Police reports filed by me.


The first three links below show that I have no disease; the second contains my affidavit on the high crimes by the fbi as I have witnessed and documented; the third shows that I have never been accused of any offense (civil or criminal) in my life and that the fbi actually commits crimes and alleges falsely  that I committed same.

Medical Clearance:




Crimes by fbi:




Crimes and cover ups by fbi, PI, Texas DPS:






For the details of the assaults on me by fbi operatives and at times members of the general public see my story in detail in the following link. Note in the twenty parts of the details I provide the names of people (and some instance the photos with police reports regarding those who  attack me). All persons who participated in the assaults on me, all members of congress of the USA and all judges, justices and members of the Bars of all local, state and federal courts are complicit in the fbi’s  crimes against my person and property  inasmuch as the judiciary pretends that the fbi can do no wrong.





The cumulative effect on the psyche of a person tortured by the fbi is shown here:






In the next three  links I show how the fbi may rationally  be  considered insane, even as the media celebrates the fbi as heroic  in the news and entertainment shows.




champions of destruction:










In this link I reference the fbi’s use of the general public to pick on me everywhere I go, including in my neighborhood, shopping malls, theatres, etc.





In this report I suggest the complete corruption of the secret, federal  intel courts who are controlled by the fbi:


secret intel courts/judges empower & embolden assassins:





Brotherhood of assassins forged by the fbi  is a form of unofficial MAFIA throughout the USA today:





Hate mailers remind me of their contempt for my work, even as I am being tortured:





The Age of Madness is upon us:



The fbi fraudulently creates an illegal quasi cjs:


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