fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Psychological Operations (psyops) By fbi Against Me

 Preface: I refer to myself below alternately in the first person and in the third person 'T'.

For twenty five years I have documented the extreme torture of my person by agents and operatives of the fbi (See “ My Story In Detail” on line).  I have also shown how the assassins of fbi actually watch this Target (T) in real time 24/7/365, via physical and electronic surveillance  for life (including in home and car, etc), and then I demonstrate how these miscreants  decide how best to terrorize the T.  I have shown, for example, that the fbi studies my activities in the home and sends messages to alert T  that he is being tortured (both psychologically and physically via DEW).

The terrorists take over all of my personal electronic systems including the car engine, locks, trunk opener, phone, remote TV device and, using their own remote controls,  tamper with my property in a strategic manner to cause me some grief. In some instance the fbi seems to enjoy changing the TV station, or turning on and off the TV just at the moment that I pick up the remote device in my home.  Similarly, the fbi sends notices to me by sounding car alarms when I approach my car ( shortly after this post the fbi turned on my parking lights so the 'bell' would ring). Meanwhile when I try to post my reports I am harassed in the public library by the fbi operatives and by the library staff.

The difficulty in reporting such events is that most people don’t believe the reports, or they simply fear the possibility that all such reports are 100% true and accurate all the time. The reports are difficult to write because T understands that the fbi and other departments of government use the on line reports/articles to fraudulently  impugn the sanity of the T, or to set the T up for civil or criminal commitment. See my report on such commitment efforts:      http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/05/375399.shtml

Another problem with the creation of T’s reports is associated with the pain of writing such reports while being tortured by DEW. Finally, the realization that we have among us people in power and in government who engage in such unconscionable acts (as I describe) as their employment; such work reflects the most brutal, inhumane and criminal minds of mankind and are unforgiveable.

Recently I notice that one of the former  fbi agents (who is fully aware of the efforts to kill me) regularly sends me a message via site meter entry that he continues to monitor the fbi’s criminal and vindictive assaults against me; he is the same former fbi man who placed bets on how long it would take for suicide.

In another episode of fbi  criminal chicanery the fbi sends federal and state cops into my home on a fraudulent fishing expedition designed to threaten me with criminal or civil imprisonment.

See:  USPI and Texas DPS begin harassment and threats against me in my home:



After the visit, I received a notice from the fbi’s corrupt CJIS that they received from Knipfing and Rodriguez (K  &  R)  the manufactured  evidence created by the fbi and fed to the two hoodlums K and R and that such fraudulent evidence is being made available to all government authorities at every level. See the above two links for more data on this topic. This type of fraud where the fbi fabricates evidence against an innocent person, while suppressing evidence of its own crimes, is commonplace and is known by the courts and the congress.


 In the following report I provide more examples of the fbi’s  very dirty campaign:


Here I show how the fbi has actually gone mad in its use of the law against innocent people:



An army of thugs are assigned to drive the Target into a state of confusion:


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