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FBI admits they use drones?

I think these drones are used to torture.  They have see through wall technology that they likely claim is used to locate and identify targets inside buildings.  I think it's just a way to torture.  Yesterday FBI admitted they use drones and don't need warrants unless their is a reasonable expectation in privacy.  Any tech that sees through walls is invasive and violates privacy.  I've been fried and harassed inside homes, cars, hotel rooms.  Let's see a warrant from the contractors?

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Department Of State Makes An Appearance

The United States Department Of State sends a message shown in the site meter at the bottom of this report that they support or focus much attention on the fbi efforts to find a way to unlawfully silence me from reporting fbi/cia/State…


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Outlaws Are Better Men.


After decades of my study of the corruption of those who represent themselves as lawmen in the USA, I have determined on balance that Outlaws Are Better Men.


Report with links:

Over the past twenty-five years I have outlined by name and organization those who fraudulently…


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fbi macabre obsession to silence this Target

The fbi in its desperation to silence this critic engages in the following documented activities:


1)      Create false Police reports and fraudulent BOLO, even while sending operatives to commit…


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National security is compromised by the fbi/cia/nsa.

         The corruption in the fbi is endemic globally.

Snowden opens the door for revelations of crimes against humanity ongoing by fbi/cia/nsa, and with the full knowledge of the corrupt & murderous congress, courts & prez.

The low thugs and assassins of fbi/cia bring disaster upon this nation; leaks or no leaks the world understands that brutal, murderous and macabre animals run the USA.

My report:

The fbi…


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The evil of the fbi shapes this decadent culture

On June 20, 2013, I sent a request to the major credit information companies to place an alert on my credit file due to theft of identity, fraud, theft and related crimes committed by the fbi. One of the companies who agreed to place the  alert on my file the next day was:
Equifax Information Services LLC
P.O. Box 105069

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Request for Disclosure of information under Open Records Act and Freedom of Information Act re: Geral W. Sosbee

Affidavit%202014.pdfThis is a formal request for release of information and disclosure of same to me, under the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Records Laws of the United States and of the State of Texas. Specifically, I request all information, all documents, reports, findings, memos, emails, internal notes of investigators, police reports, court documents, copies of…


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*Huffington Post Abruptly Turns Against Me

After years of successful membership at Huffington Post (HP)where I achieved the status of 'Super User', and where I also posted over a hundred reports about fbi abuses, the moderator banned me today with no explanation. I had many fans and followers there on HP and I was certain for a while that HP represented the voice of reason in a country gone…


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TDPS & US Postal Inspector Cover Up crimes that I document

The Texas  Department  of Public (TDPS)  and the US Postal Inspector, acting on a staged crime perpetrated by the fbi, now have evidence of a criminal conspiracy by the fbi  to violate my fundamental civil, human and constitutional rights.  [All police officials fear the fbi and coverup for the thugs in the burro.]…


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Enrich the ruling class; impoverish, torture, imprison & murder the poor

The new predators are those who, seeking profit or other benefit from governments’ egregious and murderous operations, seek out others for torture, imprisonment, or death. The USA’s intelligence services create and feed upon such flagrant human rights violations as I describe in many of my reports. See links below.…


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Public Notice By Geral Sosbee, Attributed to fbi

We are the federal burro of investigation (fbi), the Jackass of the nation, the biggest, ‘badest’, meanest ass on the planet. Heehaw!

Don’t mess with us because we, together with cia, control the world’s most powerful  agencies including  law enforcement, military, courts, congress, administrative agencies, civilian institutions, and the general population.…


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Widespread Use Of Tracking Devices By USA Intel Community


See my reports on how and why the fbi/cia, et. al. use tracking devices implanted in innocent persons for political purposes.


The primary purposes for the use of tracking devices by the fbi/cia are as follows:

To intimidate, provoke, torture, incapacitate, force suicide, or murder the…


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University of Texas Continues Harassment On Behalf Of fbi

Here is my message to UT officials asking that they stop the hostile acts against me by UT police, fbi thugs and library staff; UT official sends me the *subliminal hate message shown at the bottom of this page (in site meter entry) when he receives my message.


May 21, 2013

1)Office of the Attorney General PO Box 12548 Austin, TX…


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The police are beholden to & trained by fbi thugs.

See my reports concerning the destructive effects on society of fbi/police operations and credo.

The fbi (federal burro of investigation, the Jackass of the nation) impliedly affirms in its operations 24/7 its centurylong applied credo as follows:


**We are primarily in the business of taking lives (or destroying them by imprisonment), not of saving lives, nor…


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Police Come To My Home On Suspicious Fishing Expedition

This date *two law enforcement officials in plain clothes visited me in my home in Harlingen, Texas, for two hours beginning at about 1:PM. They both identified themselves by badge and credentials and then explained that the name “g sosbee” was linked to a crime involving the United States mail, in the Dallas, Texas…


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See the menacing message delivered to me today showing the great success of my work as evidenced by the pernicious and  murderous perpetrators of the incompetent, and corrupt puppets at Pentagon.


As I have documented through twenty (20) years of reports, court documents, fbi/cia records, affidavits and diaries, the fbi/cia and their intel associates (including those at Pentagon) of the US government control the…


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See evidence that the fbi turns up the heat on Geral Sosbee in efforts to silence him.

As a result of my recent reports online the fbi intensifies efforts to provoke an unacceptable response from me, so that the thugs may be in a better position to silence me.

See the documented *assasults and battery and assorted provocations at the links below and also see a suspect **medical report that could serve the interests of the assassins of fbi; note that ***increased sleep deprivation by the fbi's Directed Energy…


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Must prosecute the fbi's own criminal cyberstalkers

The Fbi criminal cyberstalkers  & bullies supreme seek to harass, malign and discredit on line, while  engaging in multiple felonies against their Target (i.e.:geral sosbee) in efforts to silence him once and for all from reporting  *fbi’s own crimes.


 Note that the crimes committed by the fbi’s cyberbullies are ignored even when I file criminal complaints against them. The names of the cyberstalkers change, but…


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fbi, police & their operatives act as nazis in usa

For twenty years I have documented harassment, torture, attempted murder  of my person in an unterrupted crime spree by the fbi and their police operatives continuing to date;…


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Police state formed, evidence thereof here:


The fbi fails in their efforts to silence this critic, but the thugs and operatives under the fbi control continue their dirty campaign of torture, attempted murder, attempted fraudulent stings, libel, etc., all with the full knowledge of the courts and the congress. See twenty parts of my…


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