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I'm a mind control victim, brainchip included, radio stations and truckers involved in gangstalking against to me, morning shows Atlanta, Jacksonville,Miami.

I'm a mind control victim, brainchip included, radio stations involved in gangstalking against to me, morning shows Atlanta, Jacksonville,Miami, from 07/2008 to 12/2008. Complaint to the FCC Form475b # 08-wb14078096 12/29/2008. I even still awaiting a response. I had a discussion with a truck driver from Jamaica and weighs 400 pounds called Davis. 04/2008.From then some truckers began to follow my truck., They claimed to be the CIA. Someone taped a sex video with my ex-wife and sent to various cellular telephones in the city.
I have a microchip and like you all my thoughts have been transmitted and still are passed, they started in my neighborhood, I am a trucker, I used to travel to Jacksonville on Thursday and Atlanta on Friday. My problem started with truckers, after the discussion with Davis, they investigated me, spoke my 2 phones, they used to talk on the cb radio all that I spoke by phone with my friends and family. There were 2 truckers that kept pursuing me, one of them has a CB shop and announced by cb radio, these 2 guys were on the radio in Georgia have made statements against me, the harassment against me was so I did not think record any statement, even got attention at the station that has transmitted, in any case not many truckers who frequent Jacksonville and Atlanta have a cb shop, many truckers know the history and many of them travel the 48 states of the union. So these 2 are loose ends, the Government does not like loose ends. So these guys do not worry me, I'm sure the team is looking to me for any truckstop telemetry in the United States. If any of you know any trucker ask for Big Boy in Miami, my cb radio could be heard well that's why they called me The big shot, the story began in April 2008, they told me get out the state and accused me of being racist . By some means any access credit bureau and told of my financial situation by cb radio, I put a complaint to the Secret Service of the United States, Electronic Atlanta Task Force (Tuesday, 12 Aug 2008. 1:46 pm) and Miami Division (Tuesday 12 Aug 2008.1:40 pm) where I explained that they were watching me on my cell, I was like every week at Atlanta on Friday, 15 August/2008 and while I picked up a load at a place called AMERICOLD 6150 Xavier Drive SW. Atlanta truckers from a truckstop called Quicktrip in hwy70 (Fulton Industrial) to half a mile away, they talked on their CB radios about me on my house, on my mother and I had the idea of connecting my phone via the Internet to Secret Service page and then they started saying you're crazy man, these drivers have their computers full of interesting things, spyware, etc, etc. Davis told me on the cb radio which had about 200 truck drivers involved and was furious with me, these drivers I would never have seen the face, then I heard a trucker say they were only 50 drivers, that's when to start the morning shows talk about me, calling the population, open lines and the population thinks. I assure you that these stations are afraid they are dying, they involve the population against me. I suppose there are many of them lost their jobs and they would be happy to testify against his former bosses. Delilah The driver was attacked during a journey, she was furious because I wrote a message on my phone saying I was going to sue, I tuned to a station in English in Fort Pierce on a Thursday and 1:00 comes early Davis calls the station and they started talking about me, Davis suddenly said "I can not speak more because this man is very smart." I returned on Sunday, I worked and rested Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I started to notice movement in the apt upstairs where an individual lived I have your plate (another loose end), then I started to notice that he could not sleep, then I discovered that microwave radiation it was because I read it in the Internet, on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 9 around 5:00 am I wake and I go outside and I smoke a cigarette on the street I saw a van with a remote antenna, a radio going, I I could not see well at that station was the van. That day I went to my mother and when I'm going to put dirty clothes in the trunk of my car to wash it I saw a group of about 20 empty cars parked in front of where I lived, what I call the attention but I I continued on my mother's house and when I'm on my way at about 10:46 I heard Delilah broadcasting a program where she recounted my cds, my clothes, a picture of Jesus that was in my room, She said " Jesus is love, "She was with another woman with a pleasant voice said she was astonished as I could hear any type of music, then they spoke of a cd of England Dan & John Ford Coley, they also spoke of a picture the mother of my son who lives in Cuba, in the afternoon I return to my apt, I tune in a classic rock station 105.9 or 97.3 the coast and she said in English, now watch you all your neighbors, your phone too, and even President (George Bush) knows about this. Then I travel back to Atlanta and she kept talking indirectly, September 15 On Monday I went on vacation during that week would not let me sleep, arrived on Friday 19th not let me sleep, I watched movies with the windows closed and residents commented on what I saw, I knew that I was looking for some place on Saturday Sept. 20 in the morning I discovered that my thoughts were conveyed and that is when I decide to kill myself and I left my home to a faraway place in order to think If I had had a gun I would commit suicide at home, but unfortunately for them I had, I do not have and is not in my plans to buy a gun. They've probably thought I'm going out like a madman killing people like in Fort Hood. They gave me a brainwashed when I came home from my mother from the apt upstairs and they started talking on the terraces. I have an extensive collection of plates which I put in my phone to send a message to these murderers that they have a lot of loose ends. I also put clear my address and phone because "silence is the beginning of forgetting" and I can not allow that after all this people forget me and talk to me as the man who has a microchip and is monitored, No! !!!!!! everyone has to know where I live, everyone must know about my phone, everyone has to know my e-mails, no one in Miami dares to speak of 9 / 11 for that reason I'm unique, in that cause I'm famous, I'm using the same methods that these murderers "smear campaign", but with the only difference that I'm discrediting the world before the truth. My goal is to make a fusion of all this mind control, 9 / 11, new world order and we will be heard. I'm on Facebook Ernesto Rodriguez, Eagle777 in my space. twitter soulcatcher2025 in these pages and all the I'm running, I'm taking advantage of social networks. Greetings to all and soon I'm going to talk about the people watching me 24 / 7.
Sorry about my English

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