fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

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Facebook & fbi present no justification for disabling my FACEBOOK account. They fear the response to my reports of atrocities committed fbi & federal magistrate judges .

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In Memory of Dean Marple

In Memory of Dean Marple (edit article)


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More evidence of fbi crimes and coverups


See the attached pdf for this report.

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My letter to the Texas AG today re: ORA

                                                March 26, 2016                            

                                                                                                                                                                    AG File # 598043…


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Geral sosbee, Academia.edu


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Excerpt from 2002 report on failed leadership USA

Excerpt from geral sosbee , 2002:

About 14 years ago I expressed my concern about the failed leadership in the USA. Today, the gross human rights violations by USA (especially the fbi/cia) punctuate my observations on…


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Unforgiveable crimes by fbi psychopaths

Unforgiveable & unforgettable crimes by fbi/cia…


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why do fbi/police torture, imprison, or kill innocent men?

The government has no just way to rule innocent men; so, the fbi. & police community just * kill, torture, or fraudulently imprison them:


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who I am

"You never thought you'd become the person you are now, til the world made it impossible for you to be the happy person you once were." J. Seabrook.
Today I seek to destroy the assasins of the fbi and the institution of the fbi itself. I leave the similar task to remove the cia from existence for someone else. My happiness is in knowing that I worked and suffered for the highest goal possible for  man: the improvement of the human condition. Thank…

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Fbi seeks to create mass murderers

Fbi operative 'paint me doubtful' discloses the ultimate agenda of the fbi as he impliedly admits to his efforts to create a mass murderer from the victim of fbi's torture program:


Fbi crime spree:…


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Domestic Drones and Directed Energy Weapons?

After stories came out from the Pentagon suggesting that "Drones are being deployed" to aid civilian law enforcement........I realized.....that's how the surveillance (Homeland Security?, CIA?,NSA?) is performing TORTURE.


I always get fried and awakened....every time I would drift off into the dream state (Deep REM, "Rapid Eye Movement") no matter where I was sleeping whether in a hotel room, my truck, or my father's home.  To the unitiated, this seems like nothing....but, it…


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