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Often in life one must walk alone, as though lost in a 'distant & savage land.' By the grace of God such a challenge also may offer to the alert soul an opportunity to present 'his true account' which could not have been possible without the painful travails.

Whereupon, the sojourner in the cultural abyss
that ultimately catches us all in one way or another opens his eyes for the very first time to discover his true and worthwhile calling. Against all popular ideas he or she awakens (even in the midst of a storm) to a new & unfamiliar world where a rainbow of unique possibilities emerge just over the next horizon.

Follow the dream and thereby deliver for the benefit of mankind the best from within, the most that a human being may produce in this life; and then in the final moments, days or years realize that after the tumultuous and often painful journey of life,
you A R E the rainbow that you once perceived on the distant landscape of your adventures.

Such is my vision for all of us who share our dreams & frustrations with one another. For surely no greater beauty exist than the one issuing from the pure heart of a human being driven to fulfill a universal goal which is, for some of us, to become one with the rainbow.




Geral Sosbee , 1/09/2015

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