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The usa, A Nation In Crisis

Paranoia & panic sweep through the nation's capital as the dc police murder a distraught mother…


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fbi's thugs are at war with mankind

fbi- champions of destruction, masters of deceit

Protest & Revolution


See my summary of recent events that define our nation and that shape the destiny of civilization.

We are the * federal burro of investigation (fbi) and our intention is to ** wipe out the world’s poor population & much of the middle class; we seek thereby  to gain total…


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USA is on a global killing spree

The USA is on a global killing and torturing spree (causing wars & sparking civil conflict around the globe) and cannot be stopped by idle minds:

A nation and its people who deliberately engage in the systematic conquest, subjugation, torture, imprisonment and killing of others must by the laws of physics and divine nature have the same calamities delivered upon themselves.…


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Mass Murder Often Caused By fbi/police Who Exploit For Publicity Macabre Disasters

See my reports in the links below with evidence that the fbi, media, and others pretend that high tech assaults on Targets don't exist and that anyone who claims to the contrary is crazy.

The current public media campaign to label (and thereby discredit) the shooter 'Aaron Alexis' as one who simply hears voic…


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James Lico- Freedom Fighter and Human Rights Advocate

My friend and colleague James Lico is under attack by street thugs operating under the authority and with the approval of the fbi; their goal is to provoke an unacceptable response, so that he might be imprisoned or killed.…


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Texas Workforce Commission is a De Facto fbi Operative

For the past few years I have accessed my website at www.sosbeevfbi.com from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWFC) Office in Harlingen, Texas. Recently the office blocked my site, even after I documented that their reason for blocking was fraudulent. TWFC previously violated many regulations to prejudice my legal rights, attempted to libel me, prevented a HUD investigation on my behalf (even as TWFC had a legal duty to…


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Criminal Justice System Reform: Recommended Required Course For CJS Curriculum:

See my reports in the links below where evidence compels the nation to reform the CJS through curriculum, training and accountability of all law enforcement officers.

Title Of Proposed Course:

“Corruption of Culture and Concomitant Creation Of Police State By fbi’s Own Criminals And Their Cowardly Creepy Cronies In …


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heroes or fools

My report follows on unjust wars, worthless battles for a country not worth defending.

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Evidence of crimes by the fbi/cia and their operatives against the people of the world

Here is a summary of the fbi/cia evil & murderous program sometimes referred to as the counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) which is loosely defined as forged information and high tech methodologies used by government assassins and torturers in their efforts to imprison, force suicide or murder political or ideological…


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Evil is reflected in those individuals who, either acting alone or in concert with others, intentionally inflict physical or psychological pain or agony on another human being under any circumstances. Wickedly evil individuals take a special delight in the torture of others even as they watch their victims collapse, call for help, commit suicide or be hauled off to mental…


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Friends, Americans, Countrymen

I am no orator; nor do I claim to be of nobility; yet hear me clearly, fellow citizens, with your common sense and liberated reasoning as I say...
We have lost our nation unto those who claim to defend it; and even as the traitors assert an unfamiliar…

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See my reports on violence as a virus.

"Those... (i.e., fbi/cia)... who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."


The militancy of USA spreads like a virus around the world and into the hearts of many men globally.

The crimes ongoing globally by the fbi/cia assassins reflect in my considered judgment a severe mental…


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FBI admits they use drones?

I think these drones are used to torture.  They have see through wall technology that they likely claim is used to locate and identify targets inside buildings.  I think it's just a way to torture.  Yesterday FBI admitted they use drones and don't need warrants unless their is a reasonable expectation in privacy.  Any tech that sees through walls is invasive and violates privacy.  I've been fried and harassed inside homes, cars, hotel rooms.  Let's see a warrant from the contractors?

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Department Of State Makes An Appearance

The United States Department Of State sends a message shown in the site meter at the bottom of this report that they support or focus much attention on the fbi efforts to find a way to unlawfully silence me from reporting fbi/cia/State…


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Outlaws Are Better Men.


After decades of my study of the corruption of those who represent themselves as lawmen in the USA, I have determined on balance that Outlaws Are Better Men.


Report with links:

Over the past twenty-five years I have outlined by name and organization those who fraudulently…


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fbi macabre obsession to silence this Target

The fbi in its desperation to silence this critic engages in the following documented activities:


1)      Create false Police reports and fraudulent BOLO, even while sending operatives to commit…


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National security is compromised by the fbi/cia/nsa.

         The corruption in the fbi is endemic globally.

Snowden opens the door for revelations of crimes against humanity ongoing by fbi/cia/nsa, and with the full knowledge of the corrupt & murderous congress, courts & prez.

The low thugs and assassins of fbi/cia bring disaster upon this nation; leaks or no leaks the world understands that brutal, murderous and macabre animals run the USA.

My report:

The fbi…


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The evil of the fbi shapes this decadent culture

On June 20, 2013, I sent a request to the major credit information companies to place an alert on my credit file due to theft of identity, fraud, theft and related crimes committed by the fbi. One of the companies who agreed to place the  alert on my file the next day was:
Equifax Information Services LLC
P.O. Box 105069

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Request for Disclosure of information under Open Records Act and Freedom of Information Act re: Geral W. Sosbee

Affidavit%202014.pdfThis is a formal request for release of information and disclosure of same to me, under the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Records Laws of the United States and of the State of Texas. Specifically, I request all information, all documents, reports, findings, memos, emails, internal notes of investigators, police reports, court documents, copies of…


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*Huffington Post Abruptly Turns Against Me

After years of successful membership at Huffington Post (HP)where I achieved the status of 'Super User', and where I also posted over a hundred reports about fbi abuses, the moderator banned me today with no explanation. I had many fans and followers there on HP and I was certain for a while that HP represented the voice of reason in a country gone…


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