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fbi, postal inspector cover up crimes as they harass me


As I previously documented the fbi commits a crime in Dallas, Texas, plants my name at the scene of the crime and sends the US Postal Inspector and Texas DPS on a wild goose chase and fishing expedition in search of a way to charge htis Target with any offence, civil or criminal. See




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Disintegration of USA



   How or wherefrom evolves  such bold and violent arrogance of authority  that move and embolden   the thugs and assassins of fbi/cia/police to torture, imprison, force suicide and kill our people at will, by secret, unbridled fiat (or by unquestioned policy ) while all the while such public servants…


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fbi resumes vandalism on my car, causing thousands of dollars in damages

As a result of my *reports online showing evidence of UT and Texas AG corruption (in assisting the fbi/UT police in their criminal assaults on my person) the fbiMAFIA renew vandalism on my vehicle which is no longer under warranty. In April, 2014, the fbi thugs damage the rack and pinion mechanism causing $1500 in damage; then, two weeks later (today) the fbiMAFIA discreetly puncture the radiator(see comments below) causing a water leak which requires $300- $800 for…


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PETITION TO INVESTIGATE fbi/police training

Sign petition to investigate training and indoctrination protocol at fbi and police academies in the USA, in an effort to stop murderous abuses nationwide by the law enforcement community. Thank you.…


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Evidence of Police State, USA

Texas Attorney General and UT officials Cover-up Crimes By UT Police, fbi, and Operatives

The following report presents evidence suggesting that the Texas Attorney General  (AG) and high ranking  officials at the University of Texas, Health Science Center (San Antonio, Texas ), hereinafter referred to as UT, engage in a criminal conspiracy to cover-up well documented crimes committed against me by UT police at Harlingen and San Antonio, Texas.

For a complete background on the…


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