fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

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fbi,federal/state/local cops team up to commit crimes

In the fbi's vendetta to silence, arrest, torture, force final exit, or kill this ex fbi agent, the fbi organizes  elaborate schemes  to bring all law enforcement down on geral sosbee.

Two cops who should be deposed under oath, removed from service and prosecuted for conspiracy…


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Repulsive fbi operative freely stalks and harasses

During most of the year 2014  including today an fbi operative,  who for the past twelve  years has stalked and assaulted me in my home, on the street, and in the public libraries, tries to wave me down and to engage me in conversation for purposes known only to the fbi and to the stalker. The antics of the operative are…


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United States Government Is Overthrown

 I regret to inform my fellow citizens of the United States of America that this government is overthrown and that a group of thugs in the fbi/cia, etc., have seized control of the country by a silent coup which is kept secret by selective assassinations, blackmail, and political maneuvering. 1 


All in congress and the courts know that blackmail and the threat thereof keeps all leaders in check.

The fundamental human, civil and…


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fbi, Texas DPS, fraudulently pursue Targets

See my report on how fbi uses other federal and state agencies to fraudulently set people up for arrest and /or confinement.


As I have previously documented the fbi conducted covert and unlawful psychological operations including the commission of felonies (under their counterintelligence program) designed to silence me from reporting the fbi’s own …


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fbi Illegal Hacking Incident



I discovered yesterday that the fbi/cia hacked into my website and planted unauthorized data at the following page:


 There, the assassins placed a link in the…


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Beware The Twilight

This summary represents two decades of insights into the corruption, decadence, and evil of those who control and run the United States of America (USA), a government overthrown from within by the most hideous and murderous of human beasts. Such people include government officials and  the ruling elite of the nation (doctors, lawyers, politicians,…


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Portland Indymedia Prevents Publication, Allows fbi Operative to Harass

Part One:

On many occasions Portland  Indymedia (PI) published my reports; often fbi operatives anonymously posted dirty and offensive responses to my posts on Portland. Then, recently PI stopped all of my efforts to publish   without notice, and without explanation.


For more on the subversion of a free press (including the government interference with private IT groups like Portland Indymedia), see:…


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killers & torturers list

Killers, torturers and the new recommended registry for them
The people of the United States currently allow the *police, the fbi and other government and quasi government groups to identify, imprison, track, torture, force suicide and kill certain persons whose life styles do not comport in many respects to the standards established by high culture. Few object to such a program.…

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CRIMINAL ABUSE of the 'global disease surveillance' system by the fbi

See how the fbi can use the Ebola scare to destroy non infected persons at will.

For over two decades the fbi in an uncontrollable vendetta against me for *reporting their crimes have engaged in false reports against me including slanderous remarks of contagious disease.…


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fbi says : Neutralize Them All

See the reports that should awaken the people of the world to recognize that the United States governments (and its allies) are run by criminally insane individuals who, unchecked and  in a global murder  and torture rampage, employ inhumane methods to achieve their insane goals.

With the following two words J. Edgar  Hoover at once institutionalized and perpetuated…


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Stop USA Police State, The Equivalent of ISIS

Police State USA:

Mr. President, you say that ISIS is "barbaric" and must be destroyed; but who is capable of dealing face to face with persons dedicated to their faith, their God, their beloved land? Not, Mr. President, the Godless cowards and traitors of fbi, cia, nsa, dod, and not all the drones, war ships…


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Citizens investigate fbi subversion and unamerican activities.

Citizens investigate fbi subversion and unamerican activities and reverse the police state.

The present endeavor seeks to reverse the Police State in the United States by halting abuses by the *fbi,police,cia in a manner that has never been seen before. This means that the fbi must be dismantled, the cia replaced, the police re-trained and generally disarmed, the courts remade, and the criminal laws turned upside…


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fbi uses neighbors to harass dissidents

This report focuses on efforts by the thugs at fbi headquarters (and the cjis) in Washington, D.C., to expand their harassment of Targets by turning average citizens against the Target. In this case I am the Target everywhere I live, and I am frequently driven out of my home  under death threats against me and my family.


I currently reside in Brownsville,…


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USA seeks war globally and against individuals

See my reports in the links below that surely indict the United States of America for high crimes just about everywhere.

The US government employees, including congress, courts, and executive/administrative & police agencies are, by virtue of my documentations of **fbi felonies against me, guilty of *misprision of felonies. Thus, our government is filled with criminals. …


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Recent Crimes by The FBI

 geral I sent this date the following data to the agencies listed below:

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