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fbi, Texas DPS, fraudulently pursue Targets

See my report on how fbi uses other federal and state agencies to fraudulently set people up for arrest and /or confinement.


As I have previously documented the fbi conducted covert and unlawful psychological operations including the commission of felonies (under their counterintelligence program) designed to silence me from reporting the fbi’s own  crimes) during the entire period of time that I was an attorney in El Paso, Texas, and continuing to date. The crimes committed against me by the fbi  operatives include stalking 24/7, home invasions and destruction and tamperings therein, attempted murder, provocations by neighbors who brandish firearms and challenge me to duals, the murder by transferred intent of Jane Hatley (my tenant), forced suicide of a dentist who attempted to notify me of the fbi’s crimes, destruction of my cars, slander that caused doctors and dentists, attorneys and others to destroy property, to  torture and to threaten me. Many of such crimes are documented in “My Story In Detail” in twenty parts on line. Some of the events in El Paso, Texas , however, are not recorded in “My Story” because I could not conceive at the time the kind of evil that was brought upon me; so, I made scant record of same.
Here is a synopsis of the goals of the fbi  in their commission of numerous felonies against me.

Partly paraphrased from an unknown author:

Through unrelenting (and truly unimaginable) invasion of privacy and being subjected to constant abuse by psychological warfare, the Target is slowly broken down. Constantly surrounded by angry participants under the premise that "no one can survive in a constantly negative environment" the Target is systematically poisoned both emotionally and physically. Fear and intimidation are often used by the FBI to further aid in the psychological destruction of the Target. If constantly being engulfed in this environment of "negative energy" is not enough to destroy a target, a new form of torture is quickly introduced which is an obvious violation of human rights. Directed, daily overexposure from invisible, and potentially deadly, electromagnetic radiation whose initial symptoms can closely resemble those of high anxiety and stress. Another goal of this type of FBI psychological operation is to have the Target  feel so helpless and frustrated he lashes out in a physical act of aggression in order to incarcerate, complain irrationally about the seemingly fantastical details of the ongoing abuse which are designed to get them institutionalized or give up their will to live and commit suicide. Finally the macabre end for the fbi is contemplated as their removal of the Target from society by any means necessary! The FBI program used against me reflects the next generation of the fbi’s COINTELPRO – a special and invisible form of domestic terrorism.

The ultimate goal of the fbi program was and is today to attempt to drive me insane, or at least force signs of  neuroses; and to this end the fbi sought through fbi covert operatives to enter false  and misleading data on my activities during the torture episodes. The very fbi operatives engaged in multiple crimes against my person during the time I lived in El Paso, Dallas, Texas, etc., are now feeding the two investigators (Knipfing and Rodriguez, hereinafter referred to as K & R) fraudulent  reports manufactured by the fbi assassins.

In fact I have recently learned from messages sent to me from DOJ and from fbi’s own CJIS that the two high level cops (K & R) are assigned to investigate the alleged crime in Dallas, Texas, in order for the fbi operatives to feed them the fictitious data from their own provocations against me for the past about thirty years. The two (K & R) ignore all of the evidence of the crimes that I document against me, including the assaults with kidney stone, DEW, and the many other crimes that I have outlined on my website for the past fifteen years, including my sworn  affidavit here:


Indeed, Knipfing admits to me in my home that the crime of assault and battery against me by a U T Police and fbi operative was clearly an effort to set me up for arrest.

*Knipfing also admits that the alleged crime where my name was planted at the scene was possibly committed by an employee of the Texas DPS (probably a fbi operative who staged the crime and planted my name thereupon). Knipfing also concedes that the US Postal Inspector Office failed to properly honor my reports of mail theft and related crimes here:


Clearly the K & R visit to my home was a fishing expedition as I reported at these two links:



The Texas DPS and US PI falsely deny any record of the K & R investigation;  yet the false and misleading data from the K & R files are now entered into the fbi files at CJIS in order to use same for possible  arrest on fictitious civil or criminal charges. So, this is the way the fbi secretly and illegally sets people for destruction, all the while their own criminal-operatives are never held accountable for their atrocities against the Targets.


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