fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

CRIMINAL ABUSE of the 'global disease surveillance' system by the fbi

See how the fbi can use the Ebola scare to destroy non infected persons at will.

For over two decades the fbi in an uncontrollable vendetta against me for *reporting their crimes have engaged in false reports against me including slanderous remarks of contagious disease.

The fbi also uses a variety of other criminal actions against me including unlawful surveillance 24/7, 365, for twenty years, with physical and psychological assaults in efforts to neutralize and to silence this target. Some medical doctors are discouraged by the fbi not to issue medical clearances on the target; and in one instance the dentist who treated my tooth apparently committed suicide when the fbi threatened him with destruction for his reluctance to cooperate in the fbi's human experimentations.

The individuals to whom the fbi provides the false information then avoid the target like the plague, sort of like anyone would avoid an Ebola patient. The fbi also spreads other false data indicating, for example, that the target is a serial sexual predator, or is mentally unbalanced. No one wants to be compelled to prove his sanity in the face of such outrageous lies and fraudulent  propaganda.

The fbi never admits to their audience that this target has no communicable disease, that fbi paid operatives file false reports on the target, that this target is a licensed attorney in good standing with the State Bar (inactive), is a Viet Nam Combat Veteran, and has never been accused of *any offense (civil or criminal) in his  sixty-nine (69) years of life, and is a former fbi agent who reports high crimes by the fbi.

Now, in light of the current Ebola scare, the fbi has to operate under the presumption that all persons with infectious diseases may be subjected to greater scrutiny everywhere; but when the fbi falsely cries “he has an infectious disease and he is crazy,” the general public must either panic  against the accused or ignore the fbi’s  false claims.

 The danger to the ordinary citizen who is not infected with any form of communicable disease is that he cannot possibly know who to trust and cannot  be free of concern that he may also become so falsely labeled, especially when he is a political target or a whistleblower of government atrocities. Below are some links to verify the above statements.

For more data on the need to investigate the fbi for subversion and for un-American activities see the following three links:




Fbi says neutralize the political target by any means possible:



Global Disease Surveillance System:


My medical records and clearances are located here:






 The fbi also  uses the target of their slander and torture campaign as an human experimentee:


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