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who I am

"You never thought you'd become the person you are now, til the world made it impossible for you to be the happy person you once were." J. Seabrook.
Today I seek to destroy the assasins of the fbi and the institution of the fbi itself. I leave the similar task to remove the cia from existence for someone else. My happiness is in knowing that I worked and suffered for the highest goal possible for  man: the improvement of the human condition. Thank…

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Fbi are bestial and homicidal sociopaths

The pure evil that the fbi shows in their 24/7/365 vendetta against me reflects the lowest form of human beings ever to live on earth ( homicidal & macabre sociopaths) . Thus, I suggest that the population focus not on advances in tech, science,etc. for now, but on the hideous side of the human beast that I describe in my reports. These are the people (in fbi, cia, etc.) who shape our future and who torture , imprison and murder our innocent people literally all the time.…


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example of media cowardice

Example of cowardly media, two links:
Evidence of media subservience to *fbi assassins:



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Top 2% thanks to you, my readers.

This post is a tribute to all who read and comprehend my reports; to all of you I respond "Thanks". See:


Below is the message to me from Academia.edu.

"You're now in the top…


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Corruption of USPI, fbi, Texas DPS

Evidence of the complete corruption of USPI, fbi & Texas DPS:

Fbi, USPI & Texas DPS all reveal their complete corruption and cowardice.  See the evidence in the links below .

For over two and one half years I have regularly requested a copy of the USPI report (of 2013) regarding a fictitious investigation of me by that agency.

 As of today the USPI ignores my repeated, written, lawful  requests . During my most recent letter to the PI,… Continue

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fbi are assassins, torturers and blackmailers

Fbi are expert blackmailers, assassins and torturers:


The fbi blackmails all in government service including the congress and the courts

(and in the private sector when necessary) and thereby prevents any inquiry into fbi murderous corruption.…


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fbi is an immediate threat to peace

The fbi/MAFIA often stirs up trouble in its efforts to cover up its own crimes. Here the fbi tries to provoke this fbi whistleblower in order to imprison, or kill him (note that in some instances the fbi intentionally drives some *Targets crazy):…


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The Whitey Bulger Movie Is fictional

*Masters of Deceit (fbi) edited every detail of the Bulger movie in order to hide the truth.

The Bulger Movie As A Big Fraud:

The Bulger movie fraudulently presents fbi/doj real roles in massive cover up of heinous crimes by fbi agents and their informants & operatives (mafia types). Such crimes as torture, false imprisonment of innocent people, threats, and murders continue today with full cooperation of doj and fbi.

Widespread gang of fbi/MAFIA:…


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A New Dawn In The Making


 Matthew 16:26 

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?


As the people cannot descend upon the assassins and quasi monsters of the fbi/cia and their kind, the holy spirit must do the job. The massive manipulation and defrauding of the people worldwide by the main street *media and by their controllers in the judiciary, legislature and executive offices of government now is… Continue

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FACTs hidden by most people and all main street media

F A C T S  about the criminal organization known as the federal bureau of investigation
(the insane 'burro'). Continue

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fbi & its corrupt use of the theory of future crime

Fbi pretends to sharpen its 'future crime' preposterous theory in efforts to silence knowledgeable critics.

The fbi uses the internet to facilitate gross manipulation of public opinion in efforts to cover up fbi crimes and to destroy whistleblowers such as GERAL SOSBEE. Note that the fbi also tries to perfect its * 'future crime' ruse by suggesting that a given Target is expected to be a threat to the public, and that the fbi has secret files which can be released at anytime to… Continue

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A reminder of the insanity of fbi

Fbi operative shouts "mass murder" in efforts to turn the world against the primary whistleblower ever to come out of the fbi, GERAL SOSBEE:



"The most incompetent government agencies in the world 26.Feb.2013 13:30

paint me doubtful link

Millions upon millions of dollars and man hours wasted watching this… Continue

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Cowardly and Murderous United States of America

The above photo reflects my service as a young soldier who believed in the integrity of the USA.

Below are the links to my summary reports that show the disintegration of the United States of America as a direct result of the overthrow of this government by the assassins of the intelligence services, namely…


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No associate of mine in battle, in fbi, in academia compares to wondrous Barbara Hartwell

In all my 70 years in this incredible journey of life I have never had a greater honor of another's company as much as I have in my association with the splendid Barbara Hartwell. She is brave beyond description, more intuitive and insightful than the most wondrous sage, and she is loyal to a degree not yet recognized or defined by man on earth. So do not, dod/fbi/cia, speak to me about your phony heroes who rush in to do your evil works globally; for they are mere distractions, or… Continue

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The most dangerous thugs in Middle East: the Jewish/Israeli Blog Network

Republication from


The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network Begins Gratuitous Attack

fascist uSA…

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The fbi is a threat to national security

This report presents to the public evidence that the fbi is a direct threat to the security of the United States for the following reasons:
The fbi acts as a federal MAFIA who engage in false arrest, fabrication & suppression of evidence, torture, threats, forced bankruptcy & homelessness, attempted murder and various…

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A new world of horrors confront us N O W

Fifteen years ago I asked Towers Productions to consider publishing my information on the thugs of the fbi who targeted me for terror. They refused. Here is the summary of the story:


A new world of conformity begins and is enforced by fbi's use of sleep deprivation, forced suicide and psychological operations. Main street media assists in the  public policy that legalizes the atrocities ongoing N O W. Many who are presently subjected to the fbi torture…


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The new, virtual concentration camp

The time for good men to come to the aid of their country is long past for two reasons:
1) Few good men exist
2) No country to aid, as the former United States of America no longer exists…

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Universal Condemnation of USA Atrocities Emerge

Universal Condemnation of USA Atrocities Emerge

A sad chapter in American history is in the making.


The fbi and their kind globally engage in torture and vicious physical and psycholoical assaults on victims which are so horrendous that most people have no conception of the evil genesis in our species for such…


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I am a Texas *attorney


and I ask why are some judges

and attorneys railroading innocent people into prison!

Fbi fabricates fraudulent stings to set people up…


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