fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The time for good men to come to the aid of their country is long past for two reasons:
1) Few good men exist
2) No country to aid, as the former United States of America no longer exists
The new, virtual concentration camp:
As we must not forget the Nazi atrocities of the likes of Eichman and Mengele, neither may we in good conscience disregard the current, cruel & murderous virtual prison hidden in plain sight , championed by the fbi,  and often ridiculed by the most unlikey groups.

Psychological operations and attacks by DEW by the fbi are designed to drive the target insane. 

For the details see "My Story In Detail" in twenty parts,  my reports of  'gaslighting'  techniques used daily, my reports and articles of harassment by police and neighbors, and my documentations of serious bodily injuries sustained by fbi's criminal assaults. 




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