fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

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Summary of fbi's domestic crimes

Fbi & associates' crimes against political Targets:

Torture (by DEW & psychological/physical assaults), imprison by brain entrainment, etc., watch & record forced suicide, murder, intentionally inflict disabling calumny (a mortal sin), and severe, life threatening emotional distress.



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fbi's cjis continues to harass me, now admitting their unlawful conduct

This morning as I exit bed at around 8:55 AM the fbi sends me a * message that the fbi cjis is monitoring me. The admission from the fbi also confirms my decades long documentations of 24/7 harassment, **felonious assaults (falsely denied by fbi, doj), fraudulent attempted failed stings, planting of my name at the scene of a *** fbi staged crime, attempts on my life, assaults by neighbors, DEW assaults unending ,…

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The Corruption of Murderous USA

Murderous USA, EV.L






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How to resist armed *thugs of government(i.e.,fbi/cia/police) from violently attacking & killing  people globally!

         Well, in the past violence has not stopped the barbarians; ' love thy enemy' equally fails; pleas to politicians bring more of the same; peaceful protests are mocked by…

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End *Judicial Immunity and hold corrupt judges criminally liable for crimes that they authorize,

condone , or permit:


Judges are threat to security of USA:


Judges secretly authorize crimes by fbi/police:

 … Continue

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My Half Century Of Discovery: The Corruption of Murderous USA

From the time that I entered the United States Army and continuing today for about a half century I have learned from personal experience, as a soldier, fbi agent and civilian, that the United States government is the most ruthless, murderous, torturous nation that exists today on the planet. Furthermore, the fbi and the cia have ruined and overthrown this government and the cowards on the courts (including the United States Supreme Court) and in congress are totally subdued and controlled,…


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US ARMY STUDIES FBI's criminal creation of kidney stone in me

US ARMY studies the artificially synthesized kidney stone which the fbi orchestrated in me by criminally injecting a chemical combination in my body, nearly killing me:




By Location > 

Visit 174,922  Domain Name army.mil ? (Military)IP… Continue

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usa, a nation without a soul

usa wins friends NOT, gathers good will NEVER, influences people with its hatred, violence, torture, forced suicide, murder & inhumanity ALWAYS. I served the despicable, ungodly usa in my youth and before I knew better.

fbi,cia,dod also break down the captive to his basic defenseless elements & strip him of his fundamental human dignity.


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Duty Owed By Public To Victims Of fbi, police Abuse

All who bury their heads in the sand while the fbi, cia, police torture & kill our people are theoretically de facto perpetrators. Duties are imposed by social contract.


Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA: Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee: Standing for Liberty for We The… Continue

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*fbi crimes are committed 24/7 by paid, professional criminals

Fbi sends a popular attorney on Facebook to play a subtle mind game involving, under pretense of friendship, insults and implied libel. Attorneys & MDs (and DDS) are among the most cowardly and sinister of all fbi operatives because they are licensed to serve the client/patient and can, by virtue of the trust placed in them, deliver additional pain and misery onto the Target as the fbi may direct. All the while the attorney parades around as a human rights advocate on Facebook, and the MD… Continue

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The Rainbow


Often in life one must walk alone, as though lost in a 'distant & savage land.' By the grace of God such a challenge also may offer to the alert soul an opportunity to…


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The Formation Of Police State USA By fbi

Below is another posting of my "quasi cjs "

report which to the discerning reader  may reveal the inhumane mindset & tactics taught to the police community by the fbi;  by inference the unmasking of the fbi's  illegal "quasi cjs" may also shed light on the formation of the brutal & deadly police state in USA (and abroad) that  today underpins the modern criminal justice system which itself is an abomination from the perspective of human rights activists. In short the cjs and the… Continue

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Listen Up Cops, fbi

To all USA cops, fbi, cia, pi--
and don't take this personally--
but I have a problem with corrupt authority.


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