fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

How to resist armed *thugs of government(i.e.,fbi/cia/police) from violently attacking & killing  people globally!

         Well, in the past violence has not stopped the barbarians; ' love thy enemy' equally fails; pleas to politicians bring more of the same; peaceful protests are mocked by the assassins, and the killing/torturing/imprisoning goes on and on generationally.


Yet, when a madman attacks one's home and




and begins the inhumane and murderous onslaught, one must respond; if not for self, then for




one must take a stand &  resist and counterattack; otherwise, all is lost.


So, one may ask whether one is  prepared to defend with life all that is dear and sacred! If no one is so willing, then all meaning for fruitful existence is questioned. If just  one be prepared for the heroic deed, then all of Mankind  benefit ironically from the singular efforts of the one, even as others flee from the conflict; in this sense the life of one (bravely under homicidal attack) is worth defending to the death because the entire




of mankind benefits from the survival (or sacrifice) of this one.



Thus, I must vote for the one who acts at once on behalf of self & the extended




which includes  every human being on the good earth.









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