fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

In the early years of the fbi  Hoover discovered that his agents were generally not quite capable (for a number of reasons) to deal with the murderers and psychopaths of organized crime in the United States; so, Hoover and his associates set out to correct this inadequacy in a calculated and systematic manner: his agents when deemed appropriate would (by training and mind programming) become themselves homicidal sociopaths.

His plan worked so well that in today's fbi, one cannot always determine which agents (and operatives) are cold blooded murderers and torturers.For example:

People who knew H. Paul Rico (ex-fbi agent)"... recall him as a cop who dressed and talked like a gangster. Only much later would it become clear that it was not an act."


Hitman, Howie Carr, Tom Doherty Associates,LLC,175 Fifth Avenue, New York,NY 10010,2011, p.63.











Shortly after I posted the above report, fbi intelligence agent Patrick Groves *visits my site and directs my attention to an anonymous hate message delivered by cowardly VOR (probably Groves himself) in response to my reports shown on the following link:


                                    Here is VOR's little observation:
VOR 1 comment
 "Small and dangerous minds"?
Like yours, for instance.
                                             MORE ON GROVES:
* Here is Staten Island's  anonymous visitor to my site:
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Here is the link that VOR and Groves (apparently one and the same) wanted me to review:

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Comment by geral sosbee on April 14, 2012 at 1:11pm

For all who think that Disney Movies are enchanting, note that a fbi operative and supporter of assassins in Disney Corp. from time to time reminds me of his/her joy at the torture and attempted murder campaign against this reporter of fbi/cia atrocities. The subliminal messages from Disney usually issue from:

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