fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

         A nation and its people who deliberately engage in the systematic conquest, subjugation, torture, imprisonment and killing of others must by the laws of physics and divine nature have the same calamities delivered upon themselves.
The following excerpt is from:
                                       The ultimate weapon

 "Electromagnetic weapons operate at the speed of light; they can
kill, torture and enslave; but the public are largely unaware that they exist,
because these weapons operate by stealth and leave no physical evidence.
*Electromagnetic weapons have been tested on human beings since 1976. By widely
dispersing the involuntary human test-subjects, and vehemently attacking their
credibility, it has been possible for the United States to proceed with these
human experiments unhindered by discussions or criticisms, let alone opposition."


See false medical report alleging "Paranoia Delusional Disorder":


Social Upheaval Caused by fbi/police:


* http://rudy2.wordpress.com/synthetic-telepathy-and-psycho-electroni...

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