fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

People follow their *leaders into the depths of ** hell !

The crimes against Humanity committed by the fbi/cia for the past century are hidden by the popular media and the majority of the world's population are largely ignorant regarding the atrocities that I and others describe for the past decade. However, the people cannot forever claim to have no knowledge of the abominations performed in the name of the American people; ultimately, the people themselves are led off the cliff by the very leaders who pretend to know which way to go in an increasingly dangerous and violent world.









The fbi and the cia are busy 24/7 globally to insure that their secret & homicidal operations of forced suicide, torture and murder continue to be covered up by the press. The suffering and relentless pain of the victims/targets will remain, though, on the conscience of  the living because of the work of  people like us who labor to bring to light the evil deeds which we directly witness.









    "Man was born free, and he is  

      everywhere in chains."  Rousseau











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