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The Defective Detective Posada Police Report



The defective detective *police report by Posada who I documented (in the links ibelow) refused my report, investigated nothing, insulted me by trying via sneaky implication to hang two labels on me: insane and criminal. This detective should not be allowed to investigate as much as rat infestation in the city hall.…


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Shoppers Not!

shoppers not

These 2 entries into my online diary are significant:…


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Fbi high jacks my life & the USA

This report combines several other posts as evidence that this government and the people are held hostage by murderers in the fbi and their supporters.

I have proven that the fbi/cia with the informed consent and implied approval of the congress and the courts, corrupts and turn into assassins (and accessories to high crimes such as torture, forced…


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shoppers not!


In the mall in Mcallen Texas, December 28, 2015.

In the mall in Brownsville Texas, December 2015.

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usa,war,violence, hatred,killing,mortal enemies, etc.

USA's fbi,cia, dod, and police champion the continuation of mankind's most heinous & universally recognized decadent follies: torture, imprison, and assassinate those who defy murderous oppression. Such thugs presume 

to lead and rule the world, but the truth of such hideous and subhuman activities must open an unfamiliar door for humans where a new age of enlightenment and a civilization free of war, conflict and violence invites our participation. 

"We can't solve problems by…


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fbi & police often team up poisoning the well (1)

I first met detective Adrian Posada, Brownsville Texas Police Department (BPD), when he came to my residence to investigate vandalism of my residence. On a different occasion I tried to file a report with Posada on vandalism of my car. 

To my great amazement Posada refused my report. * Here are some of the details of the meeting with Posada:

Detective Posada…


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A Song For Us

Those in our company search everywhere for an answer to the evil heaped upon us by torturers, misanthropes, and murderers whom we now recognize as almost inhuman; our profound love of life and shared sense of responsibility toward our fellow human beings provide the strength we need to follow the dream that our lives may someday be returned to us.

We appeal to them to…


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History of the fbi

Meet the only former fbi agent alive (and featured in the official fbi history book) who aggressively and credibly exposes (in court,congress,& internet) the fbi as cowards, criminals, traitors, torturers, fools and murderers.…


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fbi admits...

See fbi admission below regarding my work in civil rights.

Update on my success against the fbi's cowards, fools, torturers, traitors and murderers :

The fbi thugs admit and concede in their own official fbi records as follows:

Geral W. Sosbee demonstrates in all of his work that his...

...diligent, imaginative, and laudable efforts in complex undertakings yield excellent results.…


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fbi can run and hide, but not forever

I *teach the fbi and company one basic lesson : you cannot indefinitely get away with your atrocities and unconscionable crimes, all of which are committed against the people of the world even as you use the general public of the USA as a shield to sustain retaliatory blows intended for you.


"Mr. Geral W. Sosbee VSAttorney..., TeacherFederal Bureau of Investigation

Washington Dc , District of Columbia 20535

United States"…


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True intentions of fbi,cia: world inhumane domination

This regime that calls itself the United States of America (USA) recognizes no limit to its treachery and decadence, even as the ruling villains here feign enlightenment and the ability to humanely govern. Feeding on the suffering and deaths caused globally by its brutal and macabre servants, the USA cannot withstand the scrutiny that I and others apply, and cannot as well pass the minimum standards of human decency that distinguish our species from the wild beasts.…


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Tribute to Cliff Huylebroeck

Thanks for the diligent and painstaking effort, Cliff Huylebroeck, in your creation of this invaluable site:


Cliff Huylebroeck catches the gangstalkers and the criminals in fbi/police/vigilantes & related groups globally off guard, as he researches with great care and publishes with… Continue

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USA leaders are rotten

Neither Trump nor Hillary (nor any other contender for president) can fix the problem with the USA because they are the problem; Trump's character, ideology, and values are rotten; he and Hillary are programmed advocates for expanding fascist America on earth and beyond.

Thus, USA is pushed into infamy as the primary human rights offenders of our time. The leaders of this nation should face a world court for their unending crimes against humanity.…


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tortured by USA

Why are so many people so angry at *USA!


All the world now sees that the United States of America ( its officers, employees, agents, presidents, congress, courts, fbi, cia , soldiers, civilians, etc. and allies) engage in inhumane acts against people globally and from all walks of life:


From:… Continue

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Predictability of homicidal fbi/police

We may reasonably  predict more police brutality and more  police killings of innocent people:


One may legitimately be a harsh critic of the homicidal psychopaths, serial killers, torturers, mass murderers, and unmitigated  brutality of members of the law enforcement community (and their supporters in the civilian population) because often ‘they were born that way' and cannot help themselves.


Their violent conduct is often predictable from birth and they (the…


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Abridge FREEDOM OF SPEECH discreetly

Here is a summary of how Freedom of Speech is compromised by corrupt law enforcement.

Subtle destruction of Freedom Of Speech through unlawful and extreme intimidation by the very government thugs (in fbi, USPI, Texas DPS, etc) who are engaged in high crimes and who have a sworn duty to protect and defend the US constitution (or what's left of it). See:

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to theUnited States Constitution prohibits the making of any law...… Continue

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Quandary & Crisis Facing USA

The scoundrels who run USA and its corrupt allies (eg: Germany, France, Bulgaria , Thailand, England, Saudi Arabia, Canada , etc.) now cannot hide the facts:

that their respective domestic torture and and murder operations are costly and unsustainable, that world repulsion to inhumane assaults on millions of people is not good press (even for tyrants who try to control the press), that at some point the various international banks must scale back their support for high dollar… Continue

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Evidence of fbi cyber crimes

The fbi intelligence  office in Colorado Springs advises me *now (via site meter entry shown below) that an important link on my site dealing with USA atrocities (torture) globally is removed by fbi. I suspect that the now deleted site was the source of 1)truthful data on psychoelectronic torture by fbi,cia and their allies worldwide and 2) activists' chatter in resistence to the secret and murderous agenda of the world's most heinous and murderous tyrants.

Here is the page…


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fbi attacks with DEW in retaliation

See how the fbi seeks to control human behavior via torture as shown in the following report.

In retaliation for my…


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