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The Defective Detective Posada Police Report



The defective detective *police report by Posada who I documented (in the links ibelow) refused my report, investigated nothing, insulted me by trying via sneaky implication to hang two labels on me: insane and criminal. This detective should not be allowed to investigate as much as rat infestation in the city hall.






Posada's Misleading Police Report

On December 31, 2015, Detective Posada provides me with a police report Number 1512-2240 relating to the crime (which he previously refused to investigate) by the fbi against me as reported in the above link.  

The Posada police report misrepresents the facts and pretends to show an effort to investigate the crime, but he never gave me an opportunity to provide details. He never asked me any questions about the crime. He apparently used for his report the Cameron County Sheriff's report that I filed with them after he and the BPD stated that no record exists on the crime. Instead of truly making even a minimal inquiry for his so-called police report, he just went over to the repair shop seeking a way to further discredit my report and to cover up his sloppy and unprofessional work. So, by contacting  the service representative (not the actual mechanic who fixed the unplugged light) Posada asked leading hypothetical questions which are irrelevant to the crime. He even spun a deceitful fairytale web of intimations about Nissan's completely unrelated "loose switch" or loose wirings events on some vehicles which were totally inconsistent with the actual damage I documented at Nissan. Finally, Posada points out that anyone who unplugs the headlight would need to enter the vehicle, open the hood and reach into the headlight component. This particular remark by Posada reflects  in fact evidence of the crime that Posada previously attributed by inference to me. Posada's effort to cleverly falsify the record achieves the opposite and confirms that he sought primarily two main goals;

His purposes in the report appears to be two fold:

1) cover up his unprofessional actions and 2) discount my report that the fbi thugs committed the crime.

In fact the repair mechanic advised that someone disconnected the light from under the hood; Posada says that the car's vibration caused the disconnection of the light.

Posada also says that there were "no signs of vandalism"; this statement is misleading as the fbi routinely leaves no evidence of vandalism when they destroy or damage my cars over the past 25 years.

So, Detective Posada provides me with a report that he previously refused to accept, refused to investigate, and he accused me indirectly of 'insanity' and 'filing a false police report', and presently he intentionally misleads the reader regarding the crime that I reported to the Sheriff.

This post is submitted for the record.

On January 4, 2016, the top commander of the BPD, James Paschal, called me to advise that he has reviewed the evidence on the crimes of vandalism and felony stalking that I tried to document with Detective Adrian Posada and that Commander Paschal finds that the probability is that I am correct, that someone entered my Nissan Sentry, opened the hood and unplugged the right front headlight.
I requested a new or supplemental report which corrects the false entries made by Detective Posada in this case.

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Comment by geral sosbee on January 3, 2016 at 2:55pm

After the Posada adventure, on Jan 2, 2016, a BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS visitor sends me a reminder via www.sosbeevfbi.com  that I am under blanket surveillance & harassment.Even if Posada did not play the game shown here, I consider him a deceitful and dangerous little hoodlum.

Here is the visitor:

Domain Name rr.com ? (Commercial)IP Address 70.124.24.# (Road Runner)ISP Road State : TexasCity : Brownsville
Jan 2 2016 10:56:43 pmVisit Entry Page http://www.sosbeevfb.../non-consensual.html

Then, at 1:40 AM a caller reaches my unpublished cell phone and does not respond when I call their number at  10AM.
THEIR NUMBER IS 956 312-2943.

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