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The Patriot Act - When Truth Becomes Treason By Susan Lindauer Former CIA Asset Covering Iraq & Libya

At "Rense.com" I found something by a lady named Susan Lindauer.


She seems to be "on topic" as a "Targeted Individual".


She was a high ranking, and very important moderate presence working foreign policy spook stuff in the middle east.


Her truth....jeopardized the Bush/Cheney fictionalized nut house story about "the necessity of attacking Iraq".


Her story is so important....it had to be ignored by the mainstream media.


She's up their with Sibel Edmonds.


I'm really not sure what the copywrite laws are.......but.......here is a link:






She talks about being prosecuted somehow...using The Patriot Act...and involuntary mental health commitment (Judge Mukasy did not order the psychotropic drug castration....that is all too commonly used to destroy TI's....they did that to me....I am an official Involuntarily committed DELUSIONAL PERSONALITY : Persecutory Type????????).


Her story is pretty compelling.


Five years of incarceration, and to this day...she was not allowed to hear the evidence or the right to rebut the evidence?





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Comment by Thomas S. Bean on May 25, 2011 at 8:23pm

Geral....I don't know much about being prosecuted under The Patriot Act.


Lindauer's story...sounds like it is an Orwell meets Kafka experience with secret evidence.


As far as I know, not much of the Patriot Act has been appealled (so much secrecy prevents notice), so....the legality of this law along with the very dubious War Commissions Act legalizing the un defined TORTURE (called Inhanced Interrogation Techniques in which there is no interrogation) of any US Citizen....remains useable by DOD-CIA-FBI-and local law enforcement.


Without notice, the ACLU and others don't have "party in interest" status as part of In personam jurisdiction.


Now you know why my complaints were ignored.  No notice....means no litigation.


The ACLU knows...I can give them "party of interest" to meet jurisdiction especially with the legal argument that "notice was not given" after the complaints were offered.....thus, jurisdiction and notice is in the hands of those who want to avoid oversight and exposure of damning facts.


With the judges so tied to the power control group....it seems an up hill frustrating battle, that could result in more torture (I always get fried in my hotel rooms and end up sleeping in my truck in the parking lot).


I always felt the torture and chip-signals were used to condition the punish the target for some unarticulated thought crime.  Very bad and unprofessional Pavlovian conditioning.


Lately, while sleeping far from cities on the public lands....far from any other vehicles that could have a mobile DEW weapon.....I still get fried and awakened right when I drift into the dream state (deep REM phase of sleep).....so....uh...."does the DOD-NSA have a high powere DEW on an orbiting satelite?".....or...."did they put the weapon or device in my vehicle under neath the chasis?".


There are advantages to living out of your truck on fed lands.  You can see the enemy coming a mile away....so....photography of the vehicles and people is always a task for me.  That photography can trigger a confrontation that can be violent.  These stalkers, assume "that they won't be made and identified" when they are stalking?....and these dipshits are carrying firearms....and went out of their way to track me down.


Legally, they don't look good in court.........but..........who wants "No bail" incarceration in a state that I'm not a resident of?  They can chew you up in the courts and it takes time, emotions, energy and money....with, court appointed counsel "going for the plea bargain" while working for the prosecutors.


Thus, moving...running....is a "wiser form of valor" then getting set up on bogus charges.

Comment by Thomas S. Bean on May 25, 2011 at 8:33pm

Another thing I noticed recently....is....after the sun goes down....right as I am getting drowsy....I always hear a thump near my truck like a listening device was thrown into my camp to record all mutterings, and vocalizations ("talking to yourself" as a consequence of all the slander to isolate to create a "lone wolf domestic radicalized terrorist").


And, I remember Jesse Ventura has a conspiracy show....the topic was Infraguard (old named was NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program) that actually showed such a device...that records and picks up all noises and electronic signals.  It was encased in a faux rock like shell. 


I camp alone.  So...what could they be trying to record?   Answer:  Louis Freeh broke the Judge Vance murder long ago by bugging Leroy Moody's (MK ULTRA patsy?) cell...despite the fact "Moody was in isolation" so they could use a Title III warrant to record incriminating mutterings?  A novel approach by Freeh....the first Title III warrant in which an actual conversation between two people was not targeted or alleged in the affidavit.


That told me....MOODY was subliminally programmed to mutter and incriminate himself...after he was programmed to commit certain acts?


Not too long ago...Holder suggested policy in.re. MIRANDA RIGHTS being withdrawn for a later date...to cover FBI'S ASS when they violated my Miranda rights using what is called "counterinteligence subliminal debriefings".

Of course.....subliminal debriefing....opens the possible of subliminal programming to entrap, with later subliminal debriefings.  And...of course...the FBI relies upon their credibility, and the impossibility of any citizen to figure out the illegal modus.  Again, no legitimate oversight has or will touch on these buring issues.


"That's our story, and we are sticking to it" is the FBI mantra.


This country is far to dangerous to live in anymore.

Comment by Thomas S. Bean on June 2, 2011 at 3:56pm

Susan Lindauer has a book out about being "harassed and defamed" by money sucking punks known as COURT APPOINTED PSYCHOLOGISTS.


Judges like ordering you...to under go a psych evaluation.




My first interview was while I was in jail.  No tape recorder, just a vigilante punk clown pretending to be doing an objective evaluation.  Then, later at the mental hospital....I had two dipshits fucking around pretending to make a diagnosis after 30 minutes of their time....I had already been cuffed, booked, detained....and transported to the nut hut........and I had not been fed any food....and....THE SHRINKS are doing a psych evaluation before "emotions settled down"??????


DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER..............talk to a shrink.  They are not their to help you.  They work for the police state, and a lot of times the COURT ORDERED SHRINK IS MAKING MONEY OFF OF THE SYSTEM and also....is NOT POSSIBLY OBJECTIVE, PROFESSIONAL, OR in any way....looking for anything EXCULPATORY.




They pulled that on me...in Needles, California...when the cop pulled me over after following me with no suspicion articulated or within the parameters of his Objective view.  Siffing the call means the cops or surveillance manufactures the suspicion resulting in a Terry STop.  Then the cop...calls in a mental health roving review board.......and I told them, "Hey, I assert The Fifth, thanks anyway...and all I want to do is get the new shocks installed on my car at a mechanics shop in Needles, CA".


It worked.  Do not talk to the cops or shrinks. Nothing gives them nothing.

Comment by Thomas S. Bean on June 14, 2011 at 6:01pm
Incidentally.....Susan Lindauer posts a blog at  VETERANS' TODAY....where you will also find Gordon Duff....who is the first Marine Corp conspiracy theorist...who "is rather sick of the neo con spook, power control group's corruption".


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