fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Salt Lake City, Utah...FBI corruption (9/11, Wally Hilliard, Mormon LDS Church, Illuminati mafia)

Recently Iput a series of articles leading to the conclusion that the "Illuminati, satanic, neo con, spooks" have penetrated The Mormon LDS Church.......using Wally Hilliard.


Hilliard tied to chicanery and Treason in Florida with 43 pounds of Heroin...and 9/11 flight schools...etc.


The post is at my blog, "Hollow Mantras of Cracked Vision: diamond sutras for the doomed"@b....



Lots of pages their...and two blog posts from a good solid Mormon who got screwed by the criminals (Illuminati?) who pentrated Utah law enforcement as good solid Mormons.


The power control group...always uses all religions as cover.


Read M. Scott Peck's book "People of The Lie"...page 66-84 to get a good personality break down of who these Narcissistic Personalities are.

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Comment by Thomas S. Bean on June 2, 2011 at 4:04pm

Recently, The Salt Lake City newspaper....announced...that FBI SAC Mc TEAGUE was retiring.


His father was CIA.


CIA with Wally Hilliard tied to Salt Lake City as...I am not making this up....as a MORMON LDS BISHOP.


High ranking Mormon...is tied to 43 POUNDS OF HEROIN and 9/11 Flight School in Venice, Florida?

Comment by geral sosbee on June 25, 2011 at 3:47pm

Thanks for the info, Thomas. My experience with the Mormons in the fbi and my own research on the religion reveals that many of their group are decent, but the organization itself and their hierarchy are hell bent on control of the world.

Many fbi agents are Mormons and are personable as long as fbi operations do not dictate otherwise, and they adhere always to the Mormon goals of global indoctrination for the ultimate grandification of their political machine and church.

Comment by Thomas S. Bean on June 28, 2011 at 10:43pm

The Mormon Mafia.


FBI Mormons.


I knew one....quite a good law student at Univ Texas...and his friend was also a good solid decent human.  Mormon girls...college age....are notoriously sexual.  Edward Abbey the famous Utah Red Rock Wilderness author.....always loved the young Mormon college girls working summer jobs at Arches National Park.


Yes...again....Mormons....are by and large good people....but the church heirarchy is something else.  Quite a few scammers and lowlifes hide in churches....unfortunately.


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