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NSA Mind Control by Will Filer

don't know if this has been discussed yet....but this article explains quite a bit.

All protected by FBI-DOJ while relying upon the bogus legal fiction (National Security).


...."1. Various posthypnotic suggestions are implanted in the subject after a week or so long period of REM deprivation. The content of the posthypnotic scripts is… Continue

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FBI admits they use drones?

I think these drones are used to torture.  They have see through wall technology that they likely claim is used to locate and identify targets inside buildings.  I think it's just a way to torture.  Yesterday FBI admitted they use drones and don't need warrants unless their is a reasonable expectation in privacy.  Any tech that sees through walls is invasive and violates privacy.  I've been fried and harassed inside homes, cars, hotel rooms.  Let's see a warrant from the contractors?

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More vicious DEW TORTURE yesterday

Intense DEW torture assault in my downstairs bedroom, at my father's home.  This was more intense then past assaults...and I woke up very stiff with all muscles aching.

This was done to make it impossible to sleep....and they woke me up several times.  The most severe assault yet, in this home.  Where is the torture device...on a drone, or mounted on the roof of the house?  There is no place you can sleep safely in a house...this microwave radiation goes right through building…


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DOJ undr Holder announced the closing of their investigation in.re. DETAINEE DEATHS

Recent news story today.

Holder announced there will be no civil rights charges filed regarding two deaths of detainees.

Of course this ignores other murders and attempted murders of my known associates.

Both FBI and DOJ HQ knows about these facts (murders occurred during an FBI MONITORED investigation of me).

Again ,I've had no success opening a dialogue with any prosecutor or Mueller's pussified FBI Clown act?

I tried humiliating them… Continue

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THOUGHT CRIMES: latest attempted frameup?

Recently, my Mom sought a bid on repairing our driveway.

I stopped to chat with these two strangers to me...and the contractor starts talking all this crap about the government and "he made direct threats of completing a conspiracy" against a former congress critter..............and I had to tell him to shut up.  Within five minutes of talking to me, a total stranger starts whipping up a conspiracy to commit a crime of violence?


That's how you know you just…


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I'm glad this site exists: "I don't know who would understand" without this peer group?

Tonight, I got around to viewing a movie called "A Beautiful Mind" about John Nash, a genius math god who cracked codes for The NSA long ago.

It was painful to watch the scenes when family members are absorbed and negatively effected by what appears to be "Nash's descent into Paranoid Schizophrenia". I had to turn away....thinking about "how my mother and father" interpret my erradic behavior without realizing what the cause of that behavior is and was in the past. The causitive…


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Domestic Drones and Directed Energy Weapons?

After stories came out from the Pentagon suggesting that "Drones are being deployed" to aid civilian law enforcement........I realized.....that's how the surveillance (Homeland Security?, CIA?,NSA?) is performing TORTURE.


I always get fried and awakened....every time I would drift off into the dream state (Deep REM, "Rapid Eye Movement") no matter where I was sleeping whether in a hotel room, my truck, or my father's home.  To the unitiated, this seems like nothing....but, it…


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"Time to get going....what lies ahead, there's no way of knowing...." Tom Petty

Thomas S. Bean.......is parked regularly along the Mexican California Border on the Quechan Indian Tribal lands.


I'm looking for those who wish to travel south into Latin america..........and need some company.


Gas money...and moral support....with anybody "ready to run" until Ron Paul wins.


It might be too late............but I have more faith in Mexican Police....then the shameless, corrupt, lowlife scum known as THE AMERICAN POLICE…


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New law attached to Defense Budget seeks MILITARY DETENTION of any US Citizen

Recently, I saw a story about the bill that Jane Harmon floated a couple of years ago.  This bill allows MILITARY DETENTION (without charges or evidence or legally obtained info) of any US Citizen slandered as an "enemy non combatant".


Meaning what?


It's blank check authority to "detain and torture" indefinitely anybody the CIA-FBI does not like.


This bill is back and attached to the new Defense Spending bill.



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What did Mueller (or Holder) ever do for your civil liberties?

At "Tickle the Wire.com", a story appeared on 7/27/11 that stated that, The Senate voted to extend The FBI Director's term past the ten year limit.


Not one US Senator ever, ever, ever.....had their staff talk to me about some of the many FBI PROBLEMS with evidence and fraud on the courts.


Mueller, some how....manipulated Congress to extend his term past ten frigging years.  That statute was written to prevent another J.Edgar Hoover problem (a guy who abused…


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Mad Cow Morning News: Spooks, DEA, Bush Crime Family's drug conspiracies...ignored

New articles at Daniel Hopsicker's ineffable site, "Mad Cow Morning News.


I like this site a lot.  Hope you finish reading all the archives going back to 2006.


(I seem to have trouble "copying and pasting" from one site, to this post????.....perhaps that is by design).


The new story is from June 16th, and covers the "usual chicanery" and "subtle shades of official disinterest" when the SECRET TEAM OF ELITIST SPOOKS commit outrageous…


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The Patriot Act - When Truth Becomes Treason By Susan Lindauer Former CIA Asset Covering Iraq & Libya

At "Rense.com" I found something by a lady named Susan Lindauer.


She seems to be "on topic" as a "Targeted Individual".


She was a high ranking, and very important moderate presence working foreign policy spook stuff in the middle east.


Her truth....jeopardized the Bush/Cheney fictionalized nut house story about "the necessity of attacking Iraq".


Her story is so important....it had to be ignored by the mainstream…


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Salt Lake City, Utah...FBI corruption (9/11, Wally Hilliard, Mormon LDS Church, Illuminati mafia)

Recently Iput a series of articles leading to the conclusion that the "Illuminati, satanic, neo con, spooks" have penetrated The Mormon LDS Church.......using Wally Hilliard.


Hilliard tied to chicanery and Treason in Florida with 43 pounds of Heroin...and 9/11 flight schools...etc.


The post is at my blog, "Hollow Mantras of Cracked…


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Websites to visit that expose FASCISM

I hope this post is valuable to others.....as I want to give you some tips on other sites you might want to visit.

For me, I'm always happy to find a good site.

1) Black Op Radio from Canada....did some good interviews on parapolitics, JFK assasination...etc.

2) TOMFLOCCO.COM at FLOCCO.COM was a real hot site....and a major following. The had a major impact on opening up my mind....but....after I posted at their discussion forum…


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"HollowMantras of Cracked Vision: diamond sutras for the doomed"@blogspot.com

I started blogging after getting tortured and mind control chipped.....in my f---ing home.

So, I hit the road...living on the run....out of my truck with my cat, "Sinatra".

We camped on fed lands to get away from the total dumbf---ers....known as INFRAGUARD, NSA TSP, contract surveillance, contract torturers.....and all the duped cops, feds, and prosecutors who always "have been mislead" and unwilling to investigate what has been called OPERATION SLAMMER.

So....I… Continue

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Anti Fascism website by ALEX CONSTANTINE

One site a visit frequently is by Alex Constantine.

He wrote a book called "The War Against Rock and Roll" suggesting a COINTELPRO MURDER PROGRAM to silence a lot of musicians who also did some activism.

His site is worth a look.


I hope that Targeted Individuals....come together some day....so we can watch each other's back.

A site from… Continue

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Madcow Morning News by Daniel Hopsicker: favorite website on BUSH MAFIA CRIME FAMILY

I hope I'm not preaching to the choir.

Wanted to promote Daniel Hopsicker's MADCOWMORNING NEWS.

His archive goes back to 2007, videos, books.

Well worth your time.

He's not covering "group stalking" or Fascism in America....but....he has the angle on FLORIDA-JEB BUSH-DRUG SMUGGLING linked to the CIA-FBI right wing Octapus mafia crime family.

Hopsicker links ATTA, to drugs, guns, US Intel Community.

Hope you find it and enjoy this… Continue

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