fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The Meaning of T. The fbi assassins removed this report from my site at NEWCIV.ORG

For the purpose of the site http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/mystory.html

 T  stands for Geral Sosbee;  and T also stands for Targets generally as represented by the outstanding members of this site, 'fbi/cia ARE TERRORISTS'

 http://sosbeevfbi.ning.com/ .

T represents, in a broad sense, all human beings past and present who have been tortured, imprisoned, hounded or killed by the sinister agents and operatives of the fbi/cia and their kind throughout all of time.


Specifically and within the context of this site and My Story In Detail, Geral Sosbee and associates here are T and the battles that they fight are **Everyman's   Battle in refusing to accept tyranny and gross injustice in any form. *From this perspective T is a universal figure who exposes and engages the evil that men and women of all eras despise.


For more, read the story herein and envision the excruciatingly painful existence sometimes forced upon T  by those within the highest levels of so-called intelligence agencies (and their police underlings) of the United States of America.

See Also:

From Brownsville, Texas
August 15, 2006


     For several years I have had the honor and the accompanying pain to report fbi and cia high crimes and misdemeanors against my person. The significance of my reports are not simply to assist myself in staying alive, but to provide an historical document which in time may serve others similarly imprisoned (though not always behind bars) by the high tech gadgetry (and low minded thugs) of these two hideous agencies.
Therefore, the first purpose for this letter is to express my gratitude for all who have seen and verified my reports and for all who see the global importance to humanity of the lessons I and others attempt to present. Thank you eternally.
     The other purpose herein is to offer whatever services I may to any other  person who is being tortured, imprisoned, or otherwise hounded by the world’s most misguided and pathological miscreants: the agents, operatives, thugs, assassins, executioners, handlers of the fbi and the cia and their sympathizers and allies globally. Tell me who you are, please; give me the dates, times and methods associated with your suffering at the hands of the fbi/cia and their global affiliates (including the mindless police in every jurisdiction),  so that I can better understand how to attack (in an intellectual sense) these bestial humans in a way that will help educate the world regarding their purposes and their tactics. Provide the details and the names of your torturers. If you cannot communicate, then please relay the data to someone else for this study. While I may not be of direct aid to my fellow prisoners, I can add the material into the fold of my own updates and thereby give others the benefit of your travails; history needs you to vocalize your agony as I have for the benefit of future generations.
     Someday the thugs I describe will be out of power; they will be replaced with a diametrically opposite mentality and morality as represented by humanitarians like you and I. The people who will replace the hate mongers and torturers are those of us who seek humane treatment, with no exceptions, now and always.


**["A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."]
- John Stuart Mill


"The Targets designated for political persecution (as has been the case for thousands of years, in every society) are individuals who each have a proven track record of standing up for and exposing the truth about government crimes and corruption, who have documented their research and investigations with solid evidence to support their findings, and who engage in activism for human rights, defending those God-given unalienable rights and liberties against all who would violate them.  All this, no matter the consequences to ourselves. 
We, the Targets, have thereby been deemed a threat to the tyrannical agenda of those usurpers who hold positions of power and authority, not by virtue, nor by merit, nor by God's law, but by deception, trickery, violence and oppression of all God's children, His saints and angels. These demonic tyrants are themselves deceived, falsely believing they can wield power over all God's creation.

Some of us targeted by these satanic minions and demonic liars are former intelligence/law enforcement whistleblowers and/or professionals from other disciplines, but all of us are legitimate journalists who have exposed accurate, factual information. We don't publish our work using pseudonyms or screen names, because we stand behind the validity of our work with integrity and honor, and we have no reason to want to hide our identities.


The opposition, on the other hand, is comprised largely of amateurs who are being exploited by the professional FBI/CIA COINTELPRO operatives to do the dirty work of libeling, slandering, harassing, threatening and stalking the Targets. 


These shills and provocateurs use multiple aliases, and in their cowardice, hide behind various idiotic screen names."




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Comment by geral sosbee on June 14, 2011 at 11:11am

Many Americans impliedly support the assassins of the fbi/cia/police and gangstalkers.Here is a hate message I received from one such lunatic:

"I hope the NWO throws you in a hole and we never have to hear your ranting again."


The cowardly PhD identified below as an anonymous rat and Living Dead sends a sick message from the following link [ the context that the message appears is shown below] .


"The doctor is in."

*Davie, FL Please wait...

I hope the NWO throws you in a hole and we never have to hear your ranting again.
Sosbee notes as follows regarding the fool who uses a photo of a baby and his useless PhD  title as his own ID.
Here is the public photo of Zaius provided by "the docotor" , followed by his deranged message.


                                  "I hope the NWO throws you in a hole and we never have to hear your ranting again."


geral wrote:
See my documentations of crimes by UT police in their efforts to metaphorically throw me in a hole:
Police abuse will continue in part because the DOJ allows the fbi by law to engage in atrocities. See the law as pointed by office of Special Counsel:

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