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Madcow Morning News by Daniel Hopsicker: favorite website on BUSH MAFIA CRIME FAMILY

I hope I'm not preaching to the choir.

Wanted to promote Daniel Hopsicker's MADCOWMORNING NEWS.

His archive goes back to 2007, videos, books.

Well worth your time.

He's not covering "group stalking" or Fascism in America....but....he has the angle on FLORIDA-JEB BUSH-DRUG SMUGGLING linked to the CIA-FBI right wing Octapus mafia crime family.

Hopsicker links ATTA, to drugs, guns, US Intel Community.

Hope you find it and enjoy this resource....full of startling stories well sourced....from a former NBC business'
reporter. Apparently, Hopsicker claims that his site is "always visited by the spooks. Seems as though, with compartmentalized ops....a lot of spooks and supervisors...don't have a clue what is going on....but Hopsicker does deliver.

Gets sued all the time.

Bogus lawsuits to harass him.

I also visit Rayelan Russbacher at "Rumor Mill News"....click on the "reading room" to get today's hot gossip.
Her husband was GUNTHER RUSSBACHER, spook...MK ULTRA...high level clearance....turned out to be a Whistleblower.

Also love all of Rod Stich's research. Great Books.....a lot there....good guy...got all his assets swindled by what could be called The Illuminati, or Power Control Group.

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Comment by geral sosbee on November 27, 2010 at 8:49am
Pleasure to have you here; you Thomas are a legend for your stamina under fire. Few Americans can comprehend the sacrifices made by the true soldiers of our time (i.e. men & women who fight at once for their own lives and for the presumed freedoms that have been violently seized from all of us by the hoodlums in power [ You are one such warrior].
Thanks again for sharing. My thoughts and prayers are w/you.

Pls note that you can post immediately on the forum (w/o my need to approve). Ning requires that all blog posts be approved (based on my fee plan), so feel free to post on the forum.
Comment by Thomas S. Bean on November 30, 2010 at 6:18pm
Thanks. As you know...."the dude abides" (reference to 'The Big Lebowski' by the Coen Brothers....hope you see this movie.....or...if you need to laugh, I always drink cheap wine and watch an old fantastic comedy called, "...It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world".

Lots of great stars from the past...and a great action movie.

I'll post as much as possible...as soon as I figure out a format new to me...takes a while to put on a new site like clothes...so...yeah...I'll be back and around...cheers all.

PS: I always wonder, "just how many others are Targeted Individuals?" and how many went postal or suicide?


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