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Anti Fascism website by ALEX CONSTANTINE

One site a visit frequently is by Alex Constantine.

He wrote a book called "The War Against Rock and Roll" suggesting a COINTELPRO MURDER PROGRAM to silence a lot of musicians who also did some activism.

His site is worth a look.


I hope that Targeted Individuals....come together some day....so we can watch each other's back.

A site from Austin, Texas, called "stopcovertwar.com" is worth your time. They had a call in board and log....showing that quite a few activists have been neutralized.

Cops and military guys....have fun with secret fascism.

I've met some of these total dipsh-ts.....and they appear half way normal on the surface....but as a group, they do descend into "flippant fed felonies" amouting to INTERSTATE STALKING.

Most do not have steady girls or wives.

They are impotent at life, and having power....so....they need the stalking group to rationalize and protect the secret scapegoating dynamics.....similar to MY LAI incident in Viet nam.

M. Scott Peck....wrote "People of the lie" from a military shrink's point of view....worth a look.....mentions how groups work and get out of control.

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