fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Information Especially For Police & All Others In Law Enforcement In The USA

                                                            February 20, 2019

Geral Sosbee, http://www.academia.edu/35480556/Biographical_Data_on_Geral_Sosbee



Preface : Fbi tries to kill me and inadvertently causes problems for police. This paper represents my opinion and is not legal advice.



**For all cops and participants in the Criminal Justice System.** Prosecutors refuse to prosecute :


My sworn affidavits:





Reference: former fbi Special Agent GERAL SOSBEE vs fbi GERAL SOSBEE DOB: 8/30/1945

**35 years ago the fbi hijacked my life and made me a fugitive from their death contract. **

**I experienced a nightmare life as a Target of both overt & covert fbi counterintelligence operation   in plain view globally, continuing to this moment. **Often police and security officials harassed, provoked and tried to kill me for fbi. Professional assassins tried to find 'natural' methods to murder me; street thugs working for fbi committed multiple crimes including assaults and battery on my person. In one instance a cop pumped toxic fumes into my residence; in another incident the fbi operative murdered my tenant by transferred intent thinking that I resided in the house. 

** **** **All the time the hoodlums of fbi had a blanket surveillance on me 24/7/365, globally, and attacked me with high tech weaponry  (DEW AND ELF).

** **** **Fbi Special Agents and clandestine operatives physically followed & harassed everywhere. From NYC, DL, EL PASO, HONOLULU, Japan, CHIANG MAI, LA, to Rio Grande Valley, Texas the fbi with assistance of a criminally insane federal magistrate judge attempts to kill me with discreet assaults. ** **** **

I documented online  a few fbi attacks by their ignorant operatives.** **

See my reports on Eusebio Contreras, Alonzo Yanez,  Jose Solis and one now pending in McAllen Texas. ** **** **Police officers whom we all want to respect piled on the fbi fraudulent  band wagon against me: UT Police Bleier and Wilson in San Antonio,  TREVINO and EARHART in Harlingen, Adrian Posada in Brownsville,  USPI Trey KNIPFING and Texas DPS CONRAD RODRIGUEZ in Ft. Worth, et al.,  all tried to threaten and assist fbi in intimidating me. ** **THEY ALL FAILED. ** **** **** **

However,  some police officers know that all of my reports are accurate and truthful, even though A. Posada illegally threatened me for alleged false police reports.** **** **

All of these incidents should teach the police that the fbi holds police in contempt and may cause unnecessary dangers for police in some instances. ** **** **

Here is the sad truth about America gone mad.** **** **** **

Reminder of *SOSBEE's law:** **** **Every act, deed or word from a fbi thug, operative, assassin, or cop directed at a fbi Target is presumably executed in furtherance of the fbi intent to kill, or institutionalize the Target. Thus, such operative is guilty (every moment of the stalking & assault program) of attempted murder.

My Opinion.** **** **Further, the federal magistrate judges across the country who issue for fbi the "supervision" & "federal location monitoring" orders and DEW attacks are similarly guilty of mass murders on behalf of fbi.** **** **These judges, operatives and fbi agents are criminally insane.** **** ***** **http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/specialupdate.html**

**The Assassins Nation** **** **

The USA turns into accomplices and principals all who assist the intelligence community (i.e.: intel, fbi,cia) in the torture, maiming, forced suicide, and murder, or attempted murder of a Target.** **** **

Accordingly, I accuse the following entities (and those employed or associated with such groups) of attempted murder of GERAL SOSBEE and by extrapolation attempted or actual murder of all others who are similarly targeted for death and extermination:** **** **

Fbi, cia, et al., DOJ, federal magistrate judges et al., congress, Police agencies tripartite, all operatives, street thugs, informants, members of the community such as doctors and lawyers and all ordinary citizens globally, and all who are swayed or manipulated by Intel. Specific names of such accomplices and principals are found on many of my websites where I sometimes capture their faces by pictures.** **** **

For half century I have documented efforts by fbi to kill me in their vendetta. One may find my documentaries of fbi and fmj crime spree in My Story In Detail, my WRIT, my thousands of reports online and ** **** **https://ttu.academia.edu/geralsosbee.** **** **

In many instances fbi operatives and accomplices take overt steps to further the fbi goal of murder, or forced suicide of this and other Targets. These offenders engage in assaults, poisonings, attacks with bio-chem-viral agents, DEW/ELF and toxic gasses. In some instances the perpetrators perform provocative assaults, often in public, on the beleaguered Target; on other occasions the fbi agent or operatives try to kill the Target who is in the hospital, unconscious , recovering from injuries inflicted by fbi's murderous campaign. They are all accomplices to murder or attempted murder.** **** **So, be advised that our nation, the United States of America, belongs to and is defined by ruthless psychopaths in Intel who, for a century & with the aid of corrupt media, molds our country into the current Assassins Nation.** **** **Nuremberg type trial needed** **** **

http://barbarahartwell.blogspot.com/2008/11/former-fbi-agent-geral-sosbee-calls-for.html?m=1** ****

AS the fbi engages in harassment, psychological operations to drive persons mad, some beleaguered Targets carry a resentment with them all the time. Some are even ready to break when another incident with police occur. I am no such person. However, I often read about others with a police record who, upon being pulled over for a routine traffic stop, break down. The police have no insight into the trauma that the fbi forces upon members of society. This situation requires caution by police all the time. The fbi profits enormously from their intimidation, forced suicide and killing sprees. See my papers at Academia.edu, my writ, and other documents.

**The fbi assassins enjoy their murderous assignments: Schadenfreude is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. Wikipedia

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