fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

                       February 5, 2019




Murder and Attempted Murder by fbi and Federal Magistrate Judges (fmj)


 (DEW, Pulsed Microwave and Extremely Low Frequency Soundwaves, ELF).

The primary purpose herein is to remind the readers of a few unconscionable crimes committed by the fbi in efforts to silence me.



I am grateful to Academia.Edu for the privilege to post this paper on their esteemed forum.


From the time that the fbi seized control over and hijacked my life in about 1988, I have tried to report fbi crimes to Congress and in the year 2000 to SCOTUS. At the same time, I started my website at




Therein see two of my sworn affidavits on topic, dated 2007 and 2014:




For the entire time that I wrote to Congress and filed my WRIT the fbi assaulted me, destroyed my computers and committed numerous provocative assaults and battery crimes against me in public libraries in Los Angeles and in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.




Indeed, in Harlingen, Texas, the fbi enlisted the UTHSC Police (headquartered in San Antonio) to engage in a decade long effort to threaten and assault/battery me inside the library. The two cops who were involved in the fbi neutralization campaign are BLEIER & WILSON (San Antonio,Texas UTHSC) who ordered their officers in Harlingen, Texas, to cooperate with fbi (officers Earhart & Trevino are material witnesses to these statements; see also court records on fbi thug/operative Alonzo Yanez).


SEE PART 19, A, B, and C, at sosbeevfbi.com.



Another cop, Adrian Posada, in Brownsville, Texas, impliedly threatened me and my wife when we filed a vandalism report; USPI Trey Knipfing of Ft. Worth (and Texas DPS Rodriguez) came to our home to threaten us on behalf of fbi assassins.


See also my report to the McAllen City Council in the next link regarding fbi control of library security guards to threaten and harass me every time I entered the library.


“fbi uses DEW, Thugs to interfere with, harass and incapacitate Targets”




Note that the United States

fmj authorizes all such crimes that I describe, and I consider these judges to be the equivalent of repeat offending felons.


During the past 20 years, the fbi has also used DEW to cause sleep deprivation and other symptoms in order to make me extremely sleepy and unable to visit the library computer.

For related reports see “The Issue” at:




Recently the fbi deleted my reports on attempted murder of my person and murder of two other persons. Each time I try to publish the reports of fbi murders, the fbi incapacitates me with DEW. Below are the reports that fbi does not want me to publish:


-A few years ago a Harlingen Texas police officer tried to kill me with toxic fumes on orders from fbi.


-fbi deletes the following reports and tortures me with DEW sleep deprivation:

In addition to fbi efforts to smother me when I was in hospital, El Paso, for service connected surgery, the death squads also


-murdered my tenant, Jane Hatley, by transferred intent thinking that I resided in the house on Sunset, El Paso in about 1988.


-forced Dr. Manfred Castillo, DDS, to commit suicide when I filed a report that he put me to sleep in the chair in Brownsville, Texas., and that he turned my body over to a fbi operative dentist, a professional killer, who placed a tracking device in me. The same fbi operative also placed a bacterial infection in my mouth close to cerebrum.



-fbi instructs a fmj to fraudulently authorize a “Supervision” order against me and a ‘federal location monitoring order’, I have evidence that a corrupt federal magistrate judge authorized all covert fbi activity including the painful hijacking of and attempts on my life. The fbi offices in El Paso & San Antonio directed all the above dirty operations and many more (such as the destruction of my vehicles and the poisoning of my dog).


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