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fbi uses attemtpted extortion to try to silence me

                         March 6, 2019


The fbi attempts extortion to force GERAL SOSBEE to stop posting


Geral Sosbee



For 35 years the fbi has prevented me from posting some reports on their methods of mind control, including  the use of subliminal threats.


Recently, the fbi sends a fbi operative online to fraudulently threaten me and my family with a frivolous and unfounded law suit for my online work to expose fbi atrocities.


At the same time, the fbi uses other tactics to reinforce their criminal threats of law suit:


As I immediately reported the threats on a public forum, the fbi:




- enters my car to change the settings

-increases attacks with Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW)  and Extremely Low Frequency sound waves (ELF) causing sleep deprivation.

-attacks me with a blast of microwave assault causing nausea.

-continues to assault me by taking over the remote control of my vehicle and by manipulating electronic  notices on my car.

- enters my home and unlocks doors and interferes with prescription medicines.


The fbi has caused me many serious bodily injuries in efforts to kill or incapacitate me. EG: loss of hearing, fainting episodes, coronary disease, kidney stone, and loss of some normal bodily functions, inter alia.


In the past the fbi also tries to prevent me from using public library computers everywhere by sending librarians to assault  me, security guards to threaten me and street thugs to assault & battery me with assistance from police. See part 19 at “My Story In Detail” at sosbeevfbi.com. The fbi also tries to provoke me by sending thugs to sneak up behind me to grab or startle me. For examples of these crimes see my many reports online, especially involving police involvement as follows: UTHSC cops, Harlingen, Texas and their thug Alonzo Yanez; UTHSC San Antonio, Texas,* cops Bleier & Wilson, Brownsville, Texas cop Adrian Posada, and USPI Knipfing & Texas DPS Rodriguez.


The fbi also turns a medical doctor into an operative who impliedly threatens to put me away when I report assaults by the deep space based DEW and ELF (see part 20 of “My Story In Detail”).


See also how the local police falsify my reports of crimes against my person, or refuse to accept my reports and threaten me for filing alleged false reports.


All local authorities including attorneys  also join in to thwart my efforts to prosecute subject, some of whom admit to the crimes:










See also the following letter from me to the Texas AG on topic:


March 2, 2019

To: Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas (AG)

Open Records Division

P.O. Box 12548

Austin, Texas 78711-2548

RE: W027581-011819; Letter from City Attorney, Evaristo Garcia, Jr., to AG, dated 2-26-19

Mr. Paxton,

Kindly note that the arguments, or statement of presumed facts presented to the office of AG in the above referenced letter from Garcia are false in some respects and misleading throughout.

Background: For about 30 years the fbi has engaged in a vendetta designed to discredit, imprison or kill me. Evidence of this statement is contained in my site at 

Some such fbi sponsored crimes include Assaults and Battery (A & B) of my person by Alonzo Yanez of Harlingen, Jose Solis of McAllen, and the instant matter in McAllen, Texas, Police Department (PD) case number 2019- 2957.



I summarize the Solis case here:



I prove for the AG, City Attorney, et al., the following:

I was the victim of A & B assault by Jose Solis, that the police entered a false or fraudulent police report, that Internal Affairs at the PD ordered the officer who filed the false report to investigate and file another report, that the new report contained the false statement that I was friends with the subject Solis, that Jose Solis admitted to the police, to me and others that he committed the offense of A  & B on my person and that he could be jailed for the crime, that the City Attorney Garcia then refused to prosecute the case and refused to provide me with the letter of declination, that the same City Attorney Garcia refused to accept and return my calls, that both Garcia and his associate in the City Attorney’s office indicated that the case was not prosecuted because my complaint against Solis was “Not Reasonable”, that I could refile my request for the letter of declination, that I in fact refiled my request whereupon I received this response from Garcia and his associate: the city attorney refuses to provide me with a copy of the declination because the city attorney’s office may decide to prosecute the case against Solis. How convenient, that the prosecutor states that the case is not reasonable on one hand, and that the case may be prosecuted in the future on the other hand.

The reason that I need complete documentation of the instant case in McAllen referenced above is to show a pattern of subversion that I may submit to a court at a future date, if appropriate.

I believe that Solis was directed to assault me, as was Alonzo Yanez, as was also the subject in the instant case referenced above. In other words, I have shown for decades that organized crime is involved and that the fbi is the main culprit in the assaults on me. Yet, perhaps the attorneys for the city do not have time to read the evidence that I have compiled over decades.

Evaristo Garcia writes that he made “… a good faith determination…”;

I do not think so.

He relies on the theory that the release of this victim’s original police report would ‘interfere with the detection or prosecution of crime’. Such a statement by Garcia is not credible, as there is no case to start an investigation without my original report and that Garcia has previously shown no interest in the prosecution of a similar case (Jose Solis) and in fact Garcia prejudicially insulted me as shown above. Further, Garcia may violate professional standards by not allowing this attorney to meet or talk with him; neither does Garcia address me as an attorney.

However, the corruption of the police and attorneys and judges (especially federal magistrate judges) by the fbi is not excusable. So, anyone who prevents me from gathering data on offenses against me is suspect in the programmed crimes committed against my person. I consider Garcia’s failure to cooperate in this and similar matters at every turn to be abominable, given the exigent circumstances that I present.

Thank you.


Texas License #18855625
P.O. Box 3834
McAllen, Texas 78502


Statement of Appreciation to Academia.edu: Thank you for maintaining the integrity of this esteemed forum.

 (The fbi frequently deletes many of my articles and reports from Indymedia New Zealand and other forums.)


  • Fraudulent police reporty against me by Bleier & Wilson:




Notice to fbi:


To all fbi special agents today & in the foreseeable future: you are proven by me to be sorry cowards, traitors, thugs and punks, torturers and assassins.

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