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A New Perspective, Let My People Go


The Murderously Corrupt America That All But A Few Now See:


The United States of America fails its people and all the world by engaging in mass murder, wholesale imprisonments, selective assassinations and tortures of human beings globally… Continue

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Comey, McCraw, Knipfing, Rodriguez, fbi assassin, aka "geral is tiresome" all the same mentality

Meet the real fbi director Comey through the filthy, criminal, sadistic statements of his *operative/ assassin  who calls himself  "geral is tiresome" aka  "self absorbed" as shown in the comments here:


Then see the fraudulent efforts by  former fbi agent/thug who is now Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw.…


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fbi/police state brutality with judicial authorization

The fbi efforts to silence me are extreme as I have previously outlined, and today the frustrated thugs of your beloved fbi sends neighbors and others to engage in provocative criminal assaults (via gas lighting) even as the fbi tortures me 24/7 with incapacitating DEW assaults.



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Corrupt moderator at Bangor Daily

*Corrupt moderators online are controlled by fbi/cia/police and their operatives who seek to stop publication of my reports.

The moderator (probably Kevin Riley himself) removes all of my posts on the thread referenced below, but he allows his dirty ad hominem assaults as an apparent fbi operative in efforts to libel and to discredit. A few passages: His first response to my post: "Either increase or stop taking your meds."


"...a truly mentally disturbed…


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Continuing Reports on fbi,PI,DPS Crimes


As I have previously documented, in April 2013 the fbi caused the US Postal Inspector (PI) and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to open a fraudulent investigation of me for crimes actually committed by the fbi. 1.  The goal of the fbi was to find a way to arrest me on any charge, civil or criminal, in order to silence me from reporting many serious crimes by the fbi.

 I learned from the two cops (See my affidavit 2014) and from others that the investigation…


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cia crimes deemed virtuous by the insane

Be Not Proud America Of What You Have Become.

Speak not of your wonderful house near the beach, expensive cars in the driveway, multiple children whom you brought into this inglorious world, while you remain silent on the greatest human crisis of our era as perpetrated globally by the enemy of mankind (the United States of America) and allies.

While you are pretending that great wealth, position and…


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DEW Assaults Used To Prevent Me From Posting

DEW assaults are now increased to extreme levels in apparent efforts to make me so sleepy & exhausted that I cannot function at the computer terminals in the public library. http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/hightechassau.html

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Two part report of fbi crimes

                                                       Part One:

INSPECTOR KNIPFING & Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ are  dangerous fools serving fbi

        A year and eight months after the unlawful, or criminal efforts by *PI Knipfing & and Texas DPS Agent Rodriguez to assist the fbi by a fraudulent criminal investigation of me in my home, all efforts to obtain the results of their absurd intrusion are without success.…


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Reality may be as strange as fiction

Who among us have already unknowingly surrendered our common sense, ability to reason, or brains unto the grand manipulators of public opinion?

Those who cannot ask the above question may in effect be the actual victims of the modern day mind snatchers who labor in mass media and government.

I may have encountered hundreds of them and a small sampling may be seen here with evidence of their mindless aggression and hopeless inhumanity:…


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Cops/fbi/cia are on a deadly, unfettered crime spree in/for usa & globally


Cops/fbi/cia to Americans, et al, on murderous police authority:

"Take it & like it and shut up, or we will just kill you."


Aaron Alexis, Myron May, the list goes on to this very day:…


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All Prisons Are Run By Evil Persons, All Prisoners Innocent



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Tribute to Frances Dinkelspiel

Here is my  tribute to this person of integrity:

 Frances Dinkelspiel…


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fbi crimes against my person,a continuing saga

Fbi crimes against my person continue today and for the past twenty five years.

This report represents a summary of events wherein the fbi uses police and other government employees to engage in crimes against me, including in one instance where a cop drives me out of my home by forcing toxic fumes into my residence.

For a complete outline of such offenses see ’’My Story In Detail” in twenty parts on line.…


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