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Something Evil Is Among Us

A terrible evil walks among us in the guise and carrying the banner of law (i.e. police, fbi, lawyers, judges, legislators, army). They seek out for profit & amusement many of us in the global population for torture, imprisonment and death. One may see their true form here:


Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi…


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fbi targets people and drives them into a state of crisis

The fbi and associates target people for different reasons, but the goal is always the same: harass, torture, drive insane, imprison or murder the Target.…


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The USA is under the control of evil men

See my report that should alarm all who trust the USA's government.


This summary represents two decades of insights into the corruption, decadence, and evil of those who control and run the United States of America (USA), a government overthrown from within by the most hideous and murderous of human beasts. Such people include government officials and…


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fbi undermines national security from their own mouth

This is the United States of America (an overthrown government), and is
run by low life torturers, liars and murderers of the…

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Julie Rodriguez

A person whose face and presence  are unhappily quite familiar to me: All persons whose photos appear on mugshots.com are PRESUMED INNOCENT. For more information see:

From: http://mugshots.com/search.html?q=julie+rodriguez…


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Goals and Reach Of Sosbee vs. fbi assassins

The goals of SOSBEEvfbi.com:



Sosbee vs fbi


The present endeavor seeks to… Continue

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Dominant Alpha Group: A Horror Story

The most violent & corrupt human beings in our global culture (police, fbi, cia, dod, etc.) now emerge as the dominant alpha group in the continuing evolution of the homo sapien species. The manifestations and ramifications of this dark *Age of Madness are visible all around us for further empirical analysis.


* … Continue

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Fbi operative/serial killer threatens and tortures me


Introduction: At bottom of this report see the criminal mind via 2 actual statements by fbi operative.  After the fbi threat shown in item #2, the fbi actually increases the DEW assaults causing severe sleep deprivation. Note, fbi language is offensive.


On November 6, 2014,the *fbi assassin who threatened me follows up…


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fbi crimes online accompany new de facto criminal courts

The fbi has failed to silence me from reporting their high crimes for over 25 years. The efforts against me by the fbi & cia include attempts on…


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A rare glimpse of the criminal mind of a fbi operative, torturer and apparent assassin

See my report which displays the actual **comments of a fbi operative who is involved in the torture, attempted forced final exit, and attempted murder of geral sosbee. A new type of human rights abuse is demonstrated by fbi operative "2 posts in one". See his post followed by my data.…


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Hate Mail Emanates From A Sick Culture

Vacant minds sometimes develop the hearts of hungry rats, as they lash out against and feed upon their perceived victims of atrocities. See an example of such in the following message to me (for other hate mail see the links below):…


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